Saturday, October 29, 2005

Go Buckeyes!

Tough game, tough game against Minnesota, but we are winning! 45 to 24 here in the 4th with less than nine minutes. It's been tense at times, shew, but the Fourth Quarter has been good to us.

I love Buckeye Football. After this, I'm leaving for Orlando for Power Write Week. I'm really looking forward to it. I think I can get about two-thirds of the book done, then go to Nashville and get more info, then come back and finish it off. Then have December and January to edit, edit, edit. My critters, Tracey, Chris, Susie and Susan, are just waiting with bated breath. Ha! Gosh, I hope this is a good story.


I have to say this about my husband. He is so awesome. I can't tell you how incredibly faithful and true he is. Every week, he hooks the trailer full of sound equipment to his truck and drives over to His Place and unloads for the Fire Dweller prayer meetings. He sets up with a few young men helping, then packs up the same way.

He gets up faithfully four mornings a week for seven a.m. prayer at church and maintains the vigil until nine. I go with him most of the time, but made an adjustment to my schedule while on deadline.

He does his best to tithe his day to the Lord. Two and a half hours in prayer and reading the Word. He says he wants to be a man of prayer. He says he believes prayer is the way to bring revival to our city. He says he wants to build an atmosphere of prayer in our city. And, he puts his money where his mouth is. He gives himself to prayer. He doesn't care if he's the only one in the room, he shows up and prayers as if there were a couple hundred.

I see these things about Tony in the natural, but I feel the Lord's heart toward him. It's weird 'cause it seems like I'm a wife bragging about my husband. But I'm not. I'm honoring a brother in the Lord. The Lord watches. The Lord sees. He will respond.

Tony embodies the Song of Solomon 1:8 lesson. He is following Jesus along with His other sheep and watching his "goats" in the shade of the Shepherd's tent. Encouragement and approval of man is nice, but Tony doesn't need it to keep going. He has the eye of His Lover and he cannot quit.

He carries the reward within.

Tony, don't give up, man. We've said with the others we are on this mountain until... I'm with you, babe, camped on the mountain, keeping the fire burning. Remember my dream? I "woke up" and the fire in the fireplace had burned all night. The Lord is keeping the fire burning.

Ohio State wins!!! Off to Orlando.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

Have a good power write week!

Paula said...

I just read back over your SOS blogs. So beautiful! Such good stuff. Another blogging friend of mine is doing a study on it. I've been trying to get a hold of the study, done by a pastor associated with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Do you know anything about this?

Paula said...


Also wanted to say that I loved how you said such beautiful things about your husband in this blog.

Mom said...

To Rachel my "sportscaster" daughter, your brother will be amazed.!! :o) GO BUCKS - What a game - LOVED IT!! Hoorah for the White Sox too.

What a wonderful tribute to Tony and he is all you said truly.

I'm praying your power writing week is just that and more.
Love Mom