Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Edits Are Here

Yay! Lots of pages - ideas and suggestions. I'm taking some time to digest them, but really ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Prayers please.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Keith Urban II, But better yet, THE CALL

Here are the awaited pictures. I know y'all been just dying! To start things off?

Here's Sheree and I having a grand time... waiting.

This is Keith during the opening. He really is a fabulous entertainer and probably one of the best guitarists I've ever seen. Amazing. For thos of you who are in the know - he reminded me of Andrew A-pair-of-earrings. Loved to play. Didn't want to stop. At the end of the show, I didn't feel "tired" energy from him. It was like he could go on for another hour.

Here's another shot of him. We were in the one-nostrail nose bleed section, and yes there was a two-nostrail section, so we counted ourselves lucky.

Keith felt bad we were so far away, so he invited me up to play keys for him during one set. He's so great. ;)

End the Keith Urban update. I had a God moment in the Forum and if I went there for this moment alone, it was worth it.

Keith had just come out and the crowd was going nuts. It's an amazing feeling to be in an auditorium, a forum, or a stadium with thousands of people cheering.

"Lord," I said, "you promised the stadiums and auditoriums across this nation would be FILLED with abandoned, wholehearted worshippers. Lovers. Crying out for Your Son, not modern truobadours."

I teared up. A sense of destiny and determine gripped me.

"Lord, fullfill Your word. Come, visit America and fill the stadiums with worshippers. Night and day prayer and adoration. On the stage will be no name worship bands and leaders. They will come and go and no one will know when one stops and the other begins because we won't care about men, but Jesus!"

I don't care what it cost, I want to be a part of that revolution, a leader in the move of God where the stadiums of America are filled with night and day worship.


Dutch Sheets, Lou Engle, Francis Frangipane, and Mike Bickle are calling for one million intercessors to join in 40 days of fasting beginning on MARCH 1 (Ash Wednesday) to APRIL 9 (Passover Sunday and the 100-year anniversary of the Azusa Street Outpouring that began at Bonnie Brae Street).We are fasting and praying for Revival, for the shifting of the Supreme Court and the ending of abortion, for the Middle East crisis and the freedom of a billion souls from the vice grip of Islam, and for the security and salvation of Israel, and GLOBAL AWAKENING AMONG THE YOUTH.

Please consider fasting and devoting more time to prayer during this season. Fast a few meals a day if you can't do all 40, fast ALL entertainment, set up a weekly prayer meeting at your house during this time. Please, please, let's be determined! We NEED God to visit America.

Mathew 12:11 - "...the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force (lay hold of it)." Prayer and fasting are the violent weapons of our warfare the enemy cannot defeat.

Our nation needs us in this hour to repent, to change, to be revived to the things of God. And if God can't get our attention by desperation, He'll do it by destruction. We've seen what destruction has done to other nations. It's hard to recover. Let's repent before destruction.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Keith Urban I

Okay, I'd planned on a Keith Urban update complete with blurry pictures, but I'm too tired.

Bed at 3:00 a.m., up at 11:00 and dinner with the Girden's and Exley's at 6:00. James is home for the weekend.

So, I'm determined it's God time over Blog.

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 24, 2006

It's Friday

8:00 a.m. - trip to the dentist. Fun. Not.

2:00 p.m. - leaving for Keith Urban concert. Fun! True.

Though, I must admit, I'll miss being at Fire Dweller. I think it would be better than Keith. Hanging out with Jesus and His folk always is.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A nice, relaxing, beautiful retreat...

... With 80 teenagers and 20 adults.

Our annual Prayer Retreat up at Merritt Island. It was really good. Javier did a great job with worship as usual. And, inadvertently gave me my next book title.

Are you curious?

Yeah? You should be. It's a great! title.

Here it is...


I don't know what number prayer retreat this one made for me and Tony. I think the first one was in '92. Maybe the fall of '91. Neither Tony nor I can remember.

But, anyhoo, these are always GREAT retreats. We shouldn't be, but we are always amazed at the gentle beauty of God moving among us. We've had some dynamic retreats - kids out in the Spirit, crying, laughing, getting free, being touched by Love.

We've had retreats where He came in a soft whisper.

This one turned outward. It was about the kids, but also about the world around them. It was the first time ever the kids talked and prayed for friends and family, for God to come and transform our city.

It felt like we crossed up to a new level.

I also had a break through moment with Ezra, my grandbaby. Well, not biologically, but by heart. He's almost two and calls Tony and me, Opa and Oma.

Ez was walking with his parents and turned around to see me coming. He called out, "Oma." Yay! I ended up watching him for the next hour. And by the end, he patted his chest and said, "Ezra." Then patted my leg and said, "Oma."

And drat, his parents are moving this year and taking Ezra and his baby brother with them. So not fair. But, cannot stand in the way of the Lord.

Tomorrow we head out to Tallahassee for a few days.

It's spring break season in Florida. The days are beautiful. Simply beautiful.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Keeping up the schedule

You'll be happy to know (thrilled, right?) I'm keeping to my morning schedule. Up at 5:15 a.m. today for Spinning, then prayer, then my Spa morning.

I want to keep the morning work-out prayer routine. I like it and it gets essentials at the top of the day.

Downside. Fasting and exercise just do not go together. So, I'm going to have to pick another day to fast. Wednesday's, I think. And if we do a week, no exercise. I'm not talking about walking a couple of miles.

I'm talking intense cycling or aerobics. I come home, eat and don't fill full until afternoon.

So, God is way ahead of me on this one. I'm not worried.

Brainstormed my next chicklit for WestBow with a fellow author. She's a good brainstormer. The Lord has given me such good writing buddies. Love you all.

I'm off to spend some quiet time reading. I'm reading The Last Convertible by Alton Myrer. It's good - a coming of age story for Harvard grads at the beginning of WW2.

Grace and Peace to you all from God our Father through the Lord Jesus.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Keyboard

I'm such a keyboard freak. You know, it's like the steering wheel of the computer. (I'm a steering wheel aficionado, too.)

Tony bought me a wireless keyboard in October, but it was rinky-dink. The keys stick and I had to pound to get words on a page.

I didn't complain until I typed on Tony's new Dell keyboard at church.

"That's it, I need a new keyboard."

"What's wrong with the one you have?" he asked.

I held up my hands. "Should fingers have muscles like this?"

He laughed. So, I showed him how the Shift and other keys stick, he agreed I needed a new one.

And today, this blog is typed with my NEW keyboard and mouse. Oh, yay. So smooth. So wonderful. My fingers are getting leaner by the second.

I'm having a fun week. Worked out every day so far. I'm really liking the morning plan. Prayer and work out first, then get to writing. Though I'm not writing this week, but I believe this will be a better schedule for me in the spring.

I'll miss my evening class friends, but I decided an adjustment was more necessary.

Isn't my husband the best? He is. Not just because of the keyboard but because he's Tony. So diligent, so faithful. So steady. So cute.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

5:00 AM, 30 freezing degrees

Woke up at 5:00. A.M. Went to Spinning class. It was 30 freezing degrees. Spinning kicked my backside. But, I loved it! I was glad for the cold afterwards.

It's very rare to have the temperature drop to 30 some-odd degrees in Central Florida. But, I cannot complain. It's a real treat.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday Evening Chill

It's cold here. The fire place is crackling and I'm reading a good book while snuggled under my Ohio State blanket (thanks, Joel) and watching PBS, Extreme Home Makeover and the Olympics.

I like to multi-task.

Our church recently changed names from New Covenant Fellowship to Church On The Rock - Melbourne. Today was our first Sunday as Church On The Rock. The offering was on budget.

We thought it a good start. ;)

Met with some local writers on Saturday at Barnes & Noble. We were there for four hours, but it was fun.

Friday night at Fire Dweller we prayed the opposite of the Whoas of Mathew 23. One kid prayed from verse 24 - "you strain a gnat and swallow a camel," Jesus said.

I wondered, "What does that really mean."

I started singing from my heart. "You beat the widow and the child, but forgive the rich man of his sins. You strain the gnat and swallow the camel."

Then, sang the opposite. "You forgive the widow and the child, and beat the rich man for his sins. No more swallowing the camel, no more straining the gnat."

I know, it sounds strange, but it really gave the room understanding - at least me. That's why praying and singing the scriptures is so incredible to our understanding.

It probably won't ever turn into a congregation song, but it worked for the night. We got it on CD, and it's pretty cool. If not for anyone but me. David led worship and did a dern good job!

Anyway, read Mathew 23 and pray the opposite of the "whoas."


Friday, February 10, 2006

God, You're amazing

A friend of mine has been living on faith for awhile now. She's a single mom of sorts, home schooling a couple of kids.

For years now she's been driving an old beater car, not having enough to live on let alone buy a new car. But she put her hope in God. The One who commands the impossible. The One who can stretch a dollar into a hundred.

Last October, God told my friend to ask for a car. Then to say, "God's giving me a car." Now, hold on, this is not name it, claim it. This is obedience. She didn't decide on her own to say, "God's giving me a car." She merely proclaimed what He told her.

This past week someone gave her a beautiful 2002 Camery. Very nice. It's an amazing blessing. She did't manipulate it. Bemoan it. I didn't even know she was believing God for a car. She never said a word. (Well, talk about that later.)

But, God is the God of the impossible. Be faithful in the little. Drive that old beater. Work for no raise, but do it with your whole heart unto the Lord. He will provide! He will repay what you do in secret with a loud sound.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lost In NashVegas Comp

Here's a trial run of the Lost In NashVegas cover. The compostion and colors will change some, but this is the conceptual idea - so far. :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's like being a child of divorce

I've finally figured out my feeling for what's happening in our nation. It's like watching your parents fight, on the verge of divorce.

Watching and listening to the Dems and Repubs fight over the war, the Surpreme Court nominees, the wire tapping, taxes, disasters it makes me just want to scream, "STOP IT! STOP IT!"

Why can't we get along? Why can't we love each other. We are ONE NATION - like a family. We will not stand if we continue to be so divided. I'm like the helpless child watching her parents bicker and fight, afraid for my future if they don't get along.

What will happen if they split. What can make them get along? I'm tired of the fighting. Tired of Hollywood.

Stand up for what's right and let it come down as it
will. Please. Shut up and get along. We won't stand otherwise. We won't survive.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Slippers again

I wore my slippers to the STAR conference (Space Coast Author's of Romance.) For the PAN (published authors network) Pajama Party.

See www.faithchick.com to read about the interesting question I received.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Upping the anty

I'm upping the anty in my life. No more fooling around. I mean, really, how much longer can I fool myself that "tomorrow" I'm going to really go hard for God, really start loosing those pesky 25 lbs, etc.

You know the routine. It's time to belly up (no pun) and do what I want to do. Do what I know is right to do.

I'm also thinking about a serious house cleaning. I mean, really, what do I need with 25 DVDs? What value do they have in eternity? I have roughly 40 - 50 years left in this life and I want to make them count.

Simplify. Tis my motto.

It's human nature to cling. Cling to friends, cling to the past, cling to things. And, some times that's okay, but often it's clutter. Not only in our physical lives, but in our emotional and spiritual lives.

Declutter. Tis my motto.

I'm visiting my Mom for her birthday. We're having a nice time, but I need to head home tomorrow. Friday, my local RWA conference starts, and I'm hosting a Good Girls Corner for the PAN Pajama Party along with author, Mia Crews.

Mia and I had breakfast on Monday and had a great time. She's very classy and sweet.

But next Monday, I'm starting the simplify, declutter process. And, to think of a new chick lit idea.

Wow, it took me months to come up with the songwriter, Robin Rae McAfee. Prayers please. I have only months to create, write, edit, rewrite and submit. But my God is God of the impossible. Yay!

So, figure out what's clutter in your life. Busyness, a relationship, stuff, TV shows, gossip. Whatever. Let's be bold and declutter and simplify this month. Wow, what a great feeling it will be.

There should be NO excuse for not knowing Him more. People, we must be ready. We can't be offended when His judgements begin to be unleased. We can't risk our hearts growing cold.