Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's like being a child of divorce

I've finally figured out my feeling for what's happening in our nation. It's like watching your parents fight, on the verge of divorce.

Watching and listening to the Dems and Repubs fight over the war, the Surpreme Court nominees, the wire tapping, taxes, disasters it makes me just want to scream, "STOP IT! STOP IT!"

Why can't we get along? Why can't we love each other. We are ONE NATION - like a family. We will not stand if we continue to be so divided. I'm like the helpless child watching her parents bicker and fight, afraid for my future if they don't get along.

What will happen if they split. What can make them get along? I'm tired of the fighting. Tired of Hollywood.

Stand up for what's right and let it come down as it
will. Please. Shut up and get along. We won't stand otherwise. We won't survive.


Joel Hayes said...

hmm... what bought this on? you rarely stress over political mumbo jumbo. besides what would you know about being a child of divorce? We were never blessed with such calamity (?).
Love ya

Rachel Hauck said...

My brother raises a good point. In my family, our parents did not argue in front of us, did not yell at each other (some times they yelled at us though. LOL) and fear of losing my parents was not an issue.

But, I understand what it's like for kids in the midst of fighting families.

The constant arguing in the social and political arena is just driving me crazy.

And the social agendas like homosexuality are defended while Christians are bashed.

I want there to be peace. But only ONE can bring peace.

Anonymous said...
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