Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm curling

We don't have TV at my house, but I've seen some of the Olympics here and there. Watching a bit of curling the other night in my Birmingham hotel.

I love watching how the players slide over the ice as they brushing the ice for the curling disk/ball. Do you think they wear special shoes?

Anyway, it looks so cool to slide over the ice.

That's me since Christmas. I've been writing and traveling, on the go pretty much since New Years.

But it's all good. Here's my curling summation.

Rewriting Dining With Joy, trip to Nashville for The Sweet By and By launch, more editing and rewriting of Joy, goal setting and fellowshipping day with Debbie Macomber, Roxanne St. Claire and Martha Powers, more editing and rewriting of Joy, finally turn in Joy and lead worship that night for our first MyHop.

Breathe, work on small changes for Songbird Novel 2, Softly and Tenderly. Fly to Birmingham to plan Songbird Novel 3 with Sara Evans and Ami McConnell, have dinner night before I leave with my lovely sorority big sis, (who is actually younger than me) Tish Stevning Patton. Home in time to clean house for arrival of Susan May Warren and Lisa Jordan.

Today, first day of My Book Therapy "Deep Thinkers" retreat.

And as I look into the future, the curling ice lane is very long! More activity to come. but God is good! How blessed I am.

I was so blessed to see Tish. It'd been 20 years since we last got together. I saw two of my best sorority buddies in the last two months. That's amazing.

We are discussing emotional layering tonight at the retreat. Follow my updates on Twitter. Otherwise, have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hold your breath!

I promise... new blog coming soon! Maybe tonight. But I was on another short deadline last week while recouping from Dining With Joy's deadline.

Dead. Line. Need I say more?

But I'm coming out of the mire.

Shouting all around.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

I love Super Bowl Sunday! We party at church with food and football. Hubby and I talked for the first time on Super Bowl Sunday. Twenty-two years ago! Love you babe!

Go Colts!