Saturday, April 30, 2005

Gone to Tennessee

We drove to Clinton, Tennessee yesterday for our nephew Asa's dedication on Sunday. Plus, his Papa, my brother Pete's birthday is Monday. Lots of family coming in.... already pretty wild around here.

I'm so used to my quiet house. Tony and Pete had a great time laughing at video clips online last night. Guy thing. Everyone's off doing something at the moment and it's just Julie, Asa and me.

The drive up was nice, but my Check Engine light came on. Nice.

The Faith Chick chat was fun. Lots of authors talking more than anything, but wow, what a great list of authors. Be sure to visit the site when you can:

Writing wise, I'm have no deadlines, so I'm working on new ideas. I woke up this morning with a great idea, and now can't remember. LOL. I hate that. I have great opening lines, an instant picture of the Heroine, then bam! I lose it. Note to self: Write it down right away.

Oh, here's another Duh moment in the life of Rachel Hauck. SET A DAILY WORD COUNT. I've gotten away from doing that so I just try to write all day which is not really all the productive. And, if anything gets in the way, I get upset. But if I know it's the Thursday of Pastor's Prayer and Fire Dweller leadership meeting, plan my day accordingly. Get up and write my 3000 words before the meeting. Or half before and half after. So, I'm doing that next week.

Eph 1: 9-10 - He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of the times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things on the earth.

God has a plan. A plan full of kindess and love. We are not here by haphazard chance. Or even by some intelligent designer. No, by One who created us with kindess in mind. He also administrated His plan and design like any Administrator would. Ever worked with a true administrator? Everything is planned and outlined with a purpose.

God is kind. God is an administrator. In the same way He has a plan for the world. He has a plan for you and me. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What'z Up?

Chick Lit fans unite! Good Girls Book Club Online is hosting a chicks roundtable/chat tomorrow night, Thursday the 28th at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Quick Click

Chick lit authors will be chatting on line. Be sure to join us!

What else is up? Hum, don't know. Went out to dinner last night with a few writer friends who live in the area. RWA members. We ate at the Disney Resort in Wabasso. Very nice. Mediocre food. But good company. We've been getting together once a month for dinner and writing talk. A couple of us are published, one is about to be (hopefully) and the rest will be some day. ;)

We had house guests since last Thursday. A friend of Joseph White's and her Mom. Very nice ladies. They went back to Connecticut today.

I worked on my Georgia rewrites. I was all set to go, then decided one of my new scenes was SNORING, so after the play at church Saturday night, of which I was an involuntary cast member, I had a new idea for the scene and came home and rewrote until 1 a.m. But, as you may or may not know, every time I change something, I have to go back through the whole thing to make sure I catch an references to the changed scene. It may be one sentence on page 300, but I had to rework it. Or, if the new scene's dialog or motivation changes something small, gotta look for that. It's amazing the time it takes, but I wanted it to be good.

Finally, I printed it off when I was questioning every word and deleting things. You look at it so much, it starts to sound the same. I was afraid in tightening up the story and writing, I would lose my chick voice. Gotta keep the voice, ya know.

New Do - I got a new hair do today. Well, not new, but cut and colored. Looks fab-u-lous dah-ling.

Hey, I read a Danielle Steel book last week, The Gift. Set in the '50s, it's about a sixteen year old girl who gets pregnant by a guy she met at the Prom. And no, he was not her date. So, her dad sends her away and she happens upon, by happenstance, a family who was falling apart after their young daughter died the Christmas before. So yadda, yadda, the sixteen year old girl gives them her baby to adopt.

Very nice story, draw you in because the characters are so vivid. But DS definitely tells the story from the authors POV, not any one particular character. She head hops alot. But, with 300 bazillion books in print? Who cares?

Be cool. Jesus loves you. Me, too. (But He's better.)

Friday, April 22, 2005

The Lesson of Red

We have house guests. One of the youth's friend and her Mom. Thursday morning they were up early getting ready to go over to Orlando to visit friends and go to Universal.

As they go ready, I hear Red, our cat, meowing at them off and on for well over an hour. He's asking a favor they do not understand. Even if they did, they wouldn't know how to fulfill his request. He wants breakfast.

When they leave, Red jumps on the bed with Tony and me. I cuddle with him, stroking his head until he's in purr heaven. Five minutes later, I get up and feed him his treats and fill his food bowl.

An hour of complaining and begging the wrong people got him nothing. Five minutes with me got him a good cuddle and pet, and the food he so desperately wanted. All he had to do was come to the right source.

Are we not like that with the Lord? We cry and complaining to everyone but Him. We ask the wrong people to help us, to meet our needs. Many times they are as helpless as we are. Yet, all we have to do is curl up with the Father. He loves us and in shorter time than we realize, He stands, and provides our needs.

Are you asking all the wrong people to meet your needs. Are you looking to other to answer your questions? How's that working for you? Not so good? Hop up on the bed with the Father and get a good loving cuddle and the desire of your heart.

God is not at our beck and call, don't get me wrong. But just think how often we waste time and energy smoozing all the wrong people to get our needs met.

Psalm 62 says He is willing and He is able. If nothing else, He'll love on you so much you won't care about anything else. Even the growl in your belly.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday Update

Another beautiful day. Cold. Windy. I actually have the windows open. Good church this morning. Worship was good, and the word. One of our elders taught and he exhorted us to love one another, not judge, reminding us we are all individuals before the Lord.

Song of Solomon 6:9 says, "But my dove, my perfect one, is unique. She is her mother's only daughter..." Truth is, the Dove had a little sister. She wasn't an only child, but she is so unique, it is as if she is an only child.

You and I are that unique before the Lord. You are the only one of you... EVER. The Lord's heart must have you. There's no one like you. No one like me. Amazing.

Today was a quiet day. Tony watched "Star Wars Whatever" (Return of This or the Attack of That) to get ready for the next Star Wars movie. I'm not a huge fan, but do love the opening day's midnight showing. I'm reading a bio on Teddy Roosevelt. Very fascinating. I napped on the couch in the Florida room. Very lovely day. Fixed small dinner and watched the Contender. I'm so hooked on that show. Not so much because I love boxing, but because I love the determination. Overcomers. Believe it or not, it inspires my writing.

After that, it was back to the adventures of Teddy for awhile, and now, blogging.

Tony's brother John and his wife Mary and two daughters were hear Friday afternoon until this morning. We had a nice time with them. They love worship Harp & Bowl style and really enjoyed Fire Dweller.

This week will be final edits on "Georgia On Her Mind" (it's Soooo Coool to have my title! Yeah, Steeple Hill) and working on new ideas.

One of the youth dudes has a friend coming to Florida and asked if she and her mom could stay here. So we have company for a week and my bud Esther Greaves called to say she'll be in town Wednesday for a few days. So, wow! But I have to work!!

We sold our Eliptical Trainer so I have a ton of space in the computer room now! Very glad about that. Now to gather up all the books and sort through them. I hate parting with books, but we are getting overrun.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Georgia On Her Mind

I have a title! I'm so excited. The Steeple Hill Cafe team is brilliant. "Georgia On Her Mind" is the title for my upcoming release. In stores near you August '06.

Now to make the story as brilliant. ;) I like Macy's story a lot, I do. Even for one who's read and edited it about five times now. Krista's suggestions and guidance are really strengthening the tale of a Florida girl finding her home in a place she never expected, home.

It's Wednesday and I've been editing all afternoon. By the time I go to prayer, 7 - 9, then to the gym for an hour, home to shower and do email, it's noon or one before I get started on Wednesdays. I love Thursdays 'cause I have ALL day. Unless I play racquetball, I have nothing outside the house. I can pray at home, walk in the neighborhood, and work. Wed and Fridays are the most crunched days cause I have prayer in the morning and then church or prayer at night. But it's ALL good. All good.

Well, just wanted to update. Back to Macy, Georgia and the look alike dress her mother bought for her to wear to a bar-b-cue.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Transendent Beauty of the Divine

Midnight. Sitting in the bath tub. Reading. Relaxing. Gotta go to bed, but just one more page. The book is Marian Keyes "The Other Side of The Story." One of her characters, Lily, has fallen in love with a beautiful house, but she knows they can't afford it.

She says, "It's like coming face-to-face with the transendent beauty of the divine... I'm ruined for anything else."

Transendent beauty? Ruined for anything else? I was blown away! This is Jesus is the Bridegroom verbage. Language of the prayer room. Words I might hear at a Friday night Fire Dweller prayer meeting.

I don't know Marian Keyes spiritual heritage, but somehow she's aware of the Divine and His transendent beauty, and that once you've seen Him face to face, you're ruined for anything else. None of her characters seem to be aware of this Beauty. They pretty much live after the flesh, but I loved that line, that image and how God interjected a picture of Himself in her writing.

Let's see... what else. V. busy lately. Friday I was gone all day. Prayer and the gym. Home mid moring to shower and run out to a lunch meeting, (looong lunch meeting) then to visit a friend in the hospital. Home for another hour to take a quick nap, then out of FireDweller meeting. Home at 11:00.

David White came over for dinner last night. We had a good time. Sat around the table and talked until 11:00. It's so funny. We have a living room and a Florida room with nice, comfy furniture, but whenever someone comes over for dinner, we never leave the table. The chairs are very comfy, but still. When Julia, Larkin and Spring were here in October, we sat at the table eight hours a day. I guess the dinner table is really a good place to fellowship.

Dream - I think I had some more revelation on my dream. Bottom line? Keep walking toward Jesus. Don't look to the right or the left. Don't get distracted by the world. I have access to heaven. Why get lost in doing in the worlds way? Jesus is waiting.... He's waiting.

Well, I'm off to do something esle. Hi to my brother Joel. Silly man. I love you! ;)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So beautiful today

Wow! Today is so beautiful. Absolutely. I love it. I've had the top down on the car for three days. Opened the house, flicked on the ceiling fans, shut off the air. So nice. So nice. Fell asleep in Tony's chair pondering a dream I had a few nights ago. All kinds of symbols. I need revelation from the Lord on how to apply it to my life. My friend Sandy had some awesome insights, but still not sure how, when, why? It's a test and a warning. Oh Lord, I need revelation.

I think it's about change. About prayer and fasting. If not those specifically those things, they will facilitate me getting there.

Went to Barns & Noble after prayer this morning, cruising through the books, reading while eating a bagel. Then I went over to the Writing Resources section. Saw "Idiots Guide to Writing" and say, "Hey! Maybe I should..." But then laughed at myself. No, I'm beyond the "idiots" guide. I think. I hope. I did buy a great book called "8 Ways to Bring Fiction To Life" by Noah Lukeman.

Where I want to go with writing is deeper. Getting a deeper story, deeper characters, improving. Dig deep. You know how when kids are playing Little League?

"Dig it out, Josh." or "Shake it off, Caleb." I just realized! All of life can be summed up in two Little League phrases. That's funny.

The Pope - Please pray for the Lord to guide the Cardinals who are choosing the next Pope. Whether you are Catholic or not, agree with the Pope or not, he holds a finger on the spiritual pulse of the Judea-Christian world. He sets standards, maintains life, peace and humanity ideals.

Don't faint but Tony and I are watching "American Idol." Simon just told some guy he was "hideous." A little much, but the kid didn't nail it.

Talked with my friend Tracey yesterday. She had me laughing. IM'd an idea with my other friend, Chris. She's a great brainstormer.

Friend Renee drove by the house yesterday when Tony and I were sitting in the driveway in our iron rockers. She hollered, "Old People." LOL. The noive! I went outside to get warm cause the house was still cold and the day was like today, beautiful. Tony came home from an errand and sat outside with me. It was nice. Old people. Ha!

EOB (End of blog)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm making chili

Yeah, it's one of the few things I make. Chili. We'll have a bowl and watch the Final Four. What a nice Saturday night.

Last night at our Fire Dweller prayer meeting, I shared my Awake Sleeper word as a focus for prayer. Don exhorted the room after me saying that Zion's afternoon prayer meeting centered on the same Awake theme. It's amazing the depth of this concept. A global awakening, including Israel.

Hosea 14 and Isaiah 35 are new verses in this call to awaken. The Isaiah passage takes about the coming Kingdom. Blind eyes and deaf ears opened. Lame walking, rivers in the wilderness (blessing for the land.) God's kingdom has to come with power. Othewise, the unsaved are not provoked.

I gymed today though my heart wasn't in it. I worked out anyway. Tony and I went to Publix in the convertible, convertiblized. I was still feeling down about some stuff, but he was Mr. Jovial. Had me laughing even though I didn't want to - LOL.

Well, better check on the chili and corn muffins. And the game. Half time is over.


Friday, April 01, 2005

When I was in 7th Grade

My P.E. teacher, Miss Somebody, wrote in my autograph book (hey, it was in '73) "You could be a real star if you apply yourself."

Ah! What? Meany. That pissed me off. But deep down, I knew what she meant. I sandbagged. Did the minimum required. I could have been a great basketball player if I tried harder. But I didn't. I don't know, I was afraid to give it more, I guess.

I approach writing the same sad way sometimes and I want to quit. But deep down in the resonant part of my soul, I have peace. "Try harder."

"But I've tried as hard as I could. I want to quit." (Think Barbara Streisand in "The Way We Were" when she runs out of class, tearing up her story.)

"If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is weak."

Oh fine, Lord, quote Yourself to me. Quitting won't hurt anyone me. No one is going to chase me down the writing yellow brick road and beg me to stay. If I quit, who cares?

I have to change. I have to apply myself to be the star. Throughout life, I've always been good at stuff, but second string. At 44, can I finally be first chair, starting QB, head of the company? Can I be first in line? Can I be first string?

I don't want to be second string. I don't want to quit. But my heart hurts. And I'm scared. If I give my best and it's not good enough? Is my best just shy of the "good enough" bar?

Questions I ponder. But I won't quit. I can't. How will I ever know otherwise? But this I do, "I press on to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, forgetting those things which lie behind. Press on, press on."

"When I was 44, I became a star." ;)