Friday, April 22, 2005

The Lesson of Red

We have house guests. One of the youth's friend and her Mom. Thursday morning they were up early getting ready to go over to Orlando to visit friends and go to Universal.

As they go ready, I hear Red, our cat, meowing at them off and on for well over an hour. He's asking a favor they do not understand. Even if they did, they wouldn't know how to fulfill his request. He wants breakfast.

When they leave, Red jumps on the bed with Tony and me. I cuddle with him, stroking his head until he's in purr heaven. Five minutes later, I get up and feed him his treats and fill his food bowl.

An hour of complaining and begging the wrong people got him nothing. Five minutes with me got him a good cuddle and pet, and the food he so desperately wanted. All he had to do was come to the right source.

Are we not like that with the Lord? We cry and complaining to everyone but Him. We ask the wrong people to help us, to meet our needs. Many times they are as helpless as we are. Yet, all we have to do is curl up with the Father. He loves us and in shorter time than we realize, He stands, and provides our needs.

Are you asking all the wrong people to meet your needs. Are you looking to other to answer your questions? How's that working for you? Not so good? Hop up on the bed with the Father and get a good loving cuddle and the desire of your heart.

God is not at our beck and call, don't get me wrong. But just think how often we waste time and energy smoozing all the wrong people to get our needs met.

Psalm 62 says He is willing and He is able. If nothing else, He'll love on you so much you won't care about anything else. Even the growl in your belly.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

ooooh slap a girl why don't ya.
Very good post.

Camy Tang said...

This was terrific timing! I am thinking about a big work decision, and instead of talking it over with God, I discussed it with some non-Christian friends. Later, I realized their advice was logical but not glorifying to God. Now I'm spending more time in prayer over the issue instead of gabbing. :)

Paula said...

Soooo good. Thanks Rachel. Reminds me of that old hymn--can't think of the name but one line says, "oh, what grace we often forfeit. Oh, what needless pain we bear. All because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer . . ." Maybe it's What A Friend We Have in Jesus . . .

Lynette Sowell said...

Great story. I learn things from my cats, too. Reminds me of another old song, "Where could I go but to the Lord?" Our--my--snap reaction is to run for advice or look it up somewhere. Not bad, but prayer first would always be better. :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel you amaze me how you can see Biblical truths in everyday evbents!! What a wonderful illustration.

Love Mom