Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday Update

Another beautiful day. Cold. Windy. I actually have the windows open. Good church this morning. Worship was good, and the word. One of our elders taught and he exhorted us to love one another, not judge, reminding us we are all individuals before the Lord.

Song of Solomon 6:9 says, "But my dove, my perfect one, is unique. She is her mother's only daughter..." Truth is, the Dove had a little sister. She wasn't an only child, but she is so unique, it is as if she is an only child.

You and I are that unique before the Lord. You are the only one of you... EVER. The Lord's heart must have you. There's no one like you. No one like me. Amazing.

Today was a quiet day. Tony watched "Star Wars Whatever" (Return of This or the Attack of That) to get ready for the next Star Wars movie. I'm not a huge fan, but do love the opening day's midnight showing. I'm reading a bio on Teddy Roosevelt. Very fascinating. I napped on the couch in the Florida room. Very lovely day. Fixed small dinner and watched the Contender. I'm so hooked on that show. Not so much because I love boxing, but because I love the determination. Overcomers. Believe it or not, it inspires my writing.

After that, it was back to the adventures of Teddy for awhile, and now, blogging.

Tony's brother John and his wife Mary and two daughters were hear Friday afternoon until this morning. We had a nice time with them. They love worship Harp & Bowl style and really enjoyed Fire Dweller.

This week will be final edits on "Georgia On Her Mind" (it's Soooo Coool to have my title! Yeah, Steeple Hill) and working on new ideas.

One of the youth dudes has a friend coming to Florida and asked if she and her mom could stay here. So we have company for a week and my bud Esther Greaves called to say she'll be in town Wednesday for a few days. So, wow! But I have to work!!

We sold our Eliptical Trainer so I have a ton of space in the computer room now! Very glad about that. Now to gather up all the books and sort through them. I hate parting with books, but we are getting overrun.



Heather Diane Tipton said...

Can I ask, what is worship Harp & Bowl style? I bet I would love it, I love worship so much.

Yay on the title for your SH book! Love the title!

David White said...

He states she is her mother's only daughter, but you say she had a sister. I think I remember the passage you're referring to, (her brothers say they have a young sister) but how do you explain that? It makes the Bible look... (forgive my apparent heresy) wrong. At the very least, it undermines a literal interpretation of Solomon's Song. Your thoughts?

#3 of FIVE said...

OH Brother!! Your such a girl! and I quote "(The Return of this or the Attack of that)". I like the way you pay attention to detail!! I bet if Tony beat up one of your raggedy Ann dolls you'd be More attentive. I know this from experience.

David White said...

Ok, I understand the interpretation, but my issue is with a literal reading of the passage. SofS by it's nature is open to innumerable interpretations, which is fine, but it should still be held to the same critical standards as a more historical book. How does one explain the inconsistency of the accounts?