Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So beautiful today

Wow! Today is so beautiful. Absolutely. I love it. I've had the top down on the car for three days. Opened the house, flicked on the ceiling fans, shut off the air. So nice. So nice. Fell asleep in Tony's chair pondering a dream I had a few nights ago. All kinds of symbols. I need revelation from the Lord on how to apply it to my life. My friend Sandy had some awesome insights, but still not sure how, when, why? It's a test and a warning. Oh Lord, I need revelation.

I think it's about change. About prayer and fasting. If not those specifically those things, they will facilitate me getting there.

Went to Barns & Noble after prayer this morning, cruising through the books, reading while eating a bagel. Then I went over to the Writing Resources section. Saw "Idiots Guide to Writing" and say, "Hey! Maybe I should..." But then laughed at myself. No, I'm beyond the "idiots" guide. I think. I hope. I did buy a great book called "8 Ways to Bring Fiction To Life" by Noah Lukeman.

Where I want to go with writing is deeper. Getting a deeper story, deeper characters, improving. Dig deep. You know how when kids are playing Little League?

"Dig it out, Josh." or "Shake it off, Caleb." I just realized! All of life can be summed up in two Little League phrases. That's funny.

The Pope - Please pray for the Lord to guide the Cardinals who are choosing the next Pope. Whether you are Catholic or not, agree with the Pope or not, he holds a finger on the spiritual pulse of the Judea-Christian world. He sets standards, maintains life, peace and humanity ideals.

Don't faint but Tony and I are watching "American Idol." Simon just told some guy he was "hideous." A little much, but the kid didn't nail it.

Talked with my friend Tracey yesterday. She had me laughing. IM'd an idea with my other friend, Chris. She's a great brainstormer.

Friend Renee drove by the house yesterday when Tony and I were sitting in the driveway in our iron rockers. She hollered, "Old People." LOL. The noive! I went outside to get warm cause the house was still cold and the day was like today, beautiful. Tony came home from an errand and sat outside with me. It was nice. Old people. Ha!

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#3 of FIVE said...

Can you say "Gerital"... OK OK!! Go ahead, put your teeth in first..."and stop leaving them on the podium after sunday services Tony!" It attracts Flies for crying out loud!