Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm making chili

Yeah, it's one of the few things I make. Chili. We'll have a bowl and watch the Final Four. What a nice Saturday night.

Last night at our Fire Dweller prayer meeting, I shared my Awake Sleeper word as a focus for prayer. Don exhorted the room after me saying that Zion's afternoon prayer meeting centered on the same Awake theme. It's amazing the depth of this concept. A global awakening, including Israel.

Hosea 14 and Isaiah 35 are new verses in this call to awaken. The Isaiah passage takes about the coming Kingdom. Blind eyes and deaf ears opened. Lame walking, rivers in the wilderness (blessing for the land.) God's kingdom has to come with power. Othewise, the unsaved are not provoked.

I gymed today though my heart wasn't in it. I worked out anyway. Tony and I went to Publix in the convertible, convertiblized. I was still feeling down about some stuff, but he was Mr. Jovial. Had me laughing even though I didn't want to - LOL.

Well, better check on the chili and corn muffins. And the game. Half time is over.


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