Sunday, April 29, 2007


Hey all,

My web mistress is making changes. Hang tight. New blog coming soon!

10 days until Diva NashVegas!!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Elvis, Pal and Me

Laying on the couch Sunday afternoon, flipping channels, half awake, watching PBS because our "basic are you sure you really want cable?" channels have snorible programming on weekends.

PBS is showing a recent Elvis stadium concert in Memphis where old concert film of Elvis is projected on jumbotrons while the original, now-much-older musicians and singers play live on stage.

Interesting. More interesting the sixteen year old fans... A story idea brewed.

Anyway, in one segment, Elvis sang How Great Thou Art. My dog Pal and I have a little tradition. I sing How Great Thou Art in the tub, as loud and high as I can, and Pal joins in.


I started singing with Elvis. "Then sings my souuul, my Savior God to Thee."
Sure enough, Pal sticks his face close to mine, lifts his nose and joins right in.

"Argh, argh, a-hoooo."

Today, history was made. My dog and I sang a trio with the legendary, albeit dead, Elvis Presley.

Thank you very much.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Randsomed Dreams & Amy Wallace

Gracie Lang is being watched by a man who will stop at nothing to hide the truth from her. Having lost the only man she ever loved and thechildren who were her world, Gracie embarks on a quest to find out what reallyhappened.

Then she meets Steven Kessler, a Crimes Against Children FBI agent, assigned to uncover an international plot to kidnap the British Ambassador's daughter.

Steven awakens more than memories; he revives the possibility of a life Gracie desires. A life where healing and peace crowd out the nightmares.

But his case and her past are dangerously connected. Suddenly, Gracie must decide if she's able - let alone willing - to pay the required ransom to redeem dreams and restore hope.

Meet Amy...

Who is Amy Wallace? What a sweeping question. Listing some of the hats I wear- wife, homeschool mom, writer, youth Bible study teacher, and chocoholic- might give a little insight into who I am. But then again, that's only a small snapshot.

Going deeper, I'm married to an awesome, incredibly good-looking, and God-honoring man. Together we homeschool three amazing daughters. Some of my favorite moments are the ones I spend laughing, reading, and being goofy with my family. In my spare time, I love writing stories, teaching teenagers, scrapbooking, playing basketball, and taking walks with my family.

The beach is my all-time favorite place to be.

Chocolate is my favorite food. I collect teddy bears, tons of books, and dust on my furniture. But getting to the heart of who I am can be summed up in a few short words.

I'm a daughter of the King learning to live and love with laughter. My greatest passion in life is to know God and show others how He heals hearts and how to they can glorify God by enjoying Him forever.

That's why I write, teach, kiss my kiddos, watch sunsets, and keep trying again when I fail. My prayer is that you too will find your passion and live fully the story God has placed you in.

Rachel here:

I first met Amy at an ACFW Conference, Houston, I think? Anyway, some time ago. A couple of us worked on a chick lit anthology together that was well rejected. Amy is a woman zealous for God and her family. She's great fun to hang out with and I know this book will touch the hearts of many!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You Might Be A Redneck...

If you lift weights at the gym in tank top, jeans and work boots, you might be a redneck.

So, after Spinning, I went out into the weights/machine area to work on my arms. And I saw a girl who used to come to aerobics and spin class, working out right in front of me, and she ignored me.

Ha! I wanted to say hi, but she would never look at me directly. Next, I got on one of the Universal machines. And there I am working away, and then realize, "What am I doing? What muscle group does this work?"

So, I ask the guy next to me, "Psst, what am I working here?"


"Oh, girls don't need lats."

Gilmore Girls was good. Rory and Logan should definitely get married!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Tag

My long time friend Will tagged me to do a "tag." I actually like these things because it's a fun way to dig into my life and talk about stuff I've forgotten or taken for granted.

Of course my sister tagged me with a 100 this or that's deal once and... fergetaboutit.

1. Four Places you have Lived:

Ohio, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Florida

2. Four TV shows I like to watch:

King of Queens, Gilmore Girls, and Numbers if I'm home on a Friday night, which I'm not. I only have 3 shows.

3. Four Places I have been on vacation:

Mountains of Tennessee, Indiana to see family, Georgia to see family, St. John Island in the Caribbean, Key Largo

4. Four of my favorite foods:

French fries, sandwiches with chips, grilled chicken, green beans.

5. Four places I'd rather be right now:

Besides literally sitting at the feet of Jesus? On a Pacific Island beach with a beach chair and umbrella, a cooler of Diet Cokes and water, a stack of good books. Tony next to me, and not another soul in site. Just the sound of distant voices so I know we're not desserted.

Mountain cabin with a fire in the fireplace.

Touring Normandy.

At the library working on my book. Oops, I think I'll go do that!

Thanks, Will. How fun!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Where to from here?

Did you see? Prince William and his girlfriend of several years, Kate, have split.

I'm not surprised, but I gotta ask, "Where does a girl go after dating the Prince of England?"

Can you see the next guy coming along?

"Hi, I'm Cole."

Tossing her long, luxurious hair. "I'm Kate."

Yadda, yadda, small talk.

Cole gets brave, figuring she hasn't walked off yet or punch him in the nose. "I don't see a ring on your finger." He gives her his best, I'm-a-stud smile.

"I'm not married."

Cole's hope surges. "What? Then you've a boyfriend. You're too beautiful to be single."

"I had a boyfriend. We broke up about a year ago."

(Side bar: Cole's been serving England in Iraq for the past year and NOT paid attention to the tabloids. He doesnt' recognize Kate. Okay, on with the story.)

"Broke up? I say he's a bloody fool. Who is he? A colleague? Shall I punch him for you?"

Laughing, Kate says, "Punch him? Do you want to risk your life? All of England will come down on you."

"All of England?"

"Yes, they're kind of touchy about their crown princes."

Realization dawns for Cole. "You dated William."

Kate confirms with a nod.

Cole backs away, his chest heavy with not-a-snowballs-chance feeling. How could a bloke possibly measure up to the Prince of England (or Wales, whichever, you know what I mean here.)

"Maybe we could meet at the pubs later," Kate suggests.

"Later? Right, I'm busy. I'll be in the hospital. Having something... removed." And so Cole runs away.

The End

Seriously, how does a man follow a true prince? Sure William is a regular guy in most respects, but it's what he brings to the table. Can any other man make a girl literally his Princess? His Queen?


Kate seems like a practical girl. I'm sure she'll find someone... some day.


In other news....

Went back to the gym for Spinning on Thursday. First time in MONTHS. I survived. Hated the techno music. The usual instructor wasn't there.

Worked out on a few of the new machines. Did some squats. Now I'm in pain. Thank you very much.

Came to a realization. Zechariah 4:10 "Who despises the day of small things?"

Small beginnings do not mean small endings!

God is so good! All the time.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Flowing Heart

Once again, I'm listening to Mike Bickle's CD series, "The Power of a Focused Life."

He inspires me to go deeper in God, deeper in the Word each time I listen to it. This is my third time to listen to it and I glean little nuggets each time that make me go, "Wow, that's so true."

And, I feel inspired to wait on God, to dialog with Him using His Word.

Mike demystifies the whole quiet time, displined life thing. He reminds us we can ALL understand the Bible. We can all be scholars.

He kicks at a few sacred cows, too. Like only allowing ourselves to believe what our denomination or leaders tell us.

Sure, we need leaders, we must submit to authority.

But Jesus challenged the religious leader of his day in John 5 saying, "You search the scriptures because in them you think you have life, but you don't. I'm the life, but you won't come to Me. The scriptures point to Me."

How true that we doing our daily devos, read a scripture, pray a pat prayer or two, all out of sincere hearts, but our hearts are cold. NOT flowing with the life of God.

Even if they are, is there more? Yes.

I don't want a cold heart. I don't want to do religious duty. I want a flowing heart. Jesus says in John 7 that if we come to Him, as the scriptures say, out of us will flow rivers of living water. R-I-V-E-R-S!

Here's what Mike teaches. It's so simple.

Get your Bible. Start in the New Testament. Get a pen and a notebook - a journal. Read a scripture. Write it down. Write it in your own words. Repeat it back to God in prayer. Ask Him to give you revelation about something that stands out to you. Or, help you to obey what is said in scripture. Thank Him for it, pray a second or two and go on to the next verse.

I've been doing this. It works.

I don't mean to present this as some sort of quick-fix to your dry prayer life. But, it will change your dry prayer life.

Anyway, there's way more that Mike shares. What I like about him is he's been doing in his own life for thirty years and he's leading an alive, growing, on fire international prayer movement. He walk in authority in this area.

Off to work on Sweet Caroline.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Diva NashVegas is in the house

My author copy of Diva NashVegas arrived today!

Woo hooo!

I've been waiting for it. Thank you Ami and Thomas Nelson.

If you don't love Aubrey James, I'll eat my hat. Well, first I'll buy a hat, then eat it. ;)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

May 8 is coming

May 8th is a great day. My Grandmother turns 93. Happy birthday, Gran!

My childhood friend, Jana, turns 46. I haven't seen or talk to her in years, but I always remember her birthday.

DIVA NASHVEGAS is officially released.

I was thinking we should all go on Amazon on May 8th and buy a copy of Diva NashVegas and see if we can't impact the sales rank! What do you think? Are there enough of us?

Monday, April 02, 2007

Pajama Pants, Take Two

After the pajama pants incident, Tony notices them all the time when we are out.

"Look, he's wearing pajama pants."

"So," I say, "they aren't flood waters."

Yesterday, I must confess, I wore my pajama pants to the store. Unlike my darling, dear hubby in his pj pants, I looked quite chic and cool.