Friday, July 29, 2011

A word from my Hubby: Prove it! God does exist

It has been said, and generally accepted, that the existence of God cannot be proven. I disagree.

It is true that the existence of God cannot be scientifically proven. Since scientific proof requires observation, nothing unobserved can be scientifically proven. Of course, this means that no historical event predating photography can be reliably proven.

Yet we confidently teach thousands of years of history. For this we rely on historical proof, based upon a preponderance of evidence. Incidentally, no historical figure has stronger historical documentation than Jesus, and no historical book even comes close to the reliability of the Bible. But there is an even better proof.

A simple rational proof considers observation, evidence, and clear rules of logic to reach a conclusion through reason. This is the kind of proof lawyers rely on. Ironically, Christians are accused of abandoning reason for blind faith when the existence of a Creator God is the most reasonable conclusion, requiring the least faith. Here we go.

When you see chairs lined up in a row, you conclude someone put them in order. A skyscraper implies both a designer and builder. A painting must have an artist behind it. It would be unreasonable to think these things happen randomly.

Order, design, structure and beauty are proof of an orderer, designer, builder, creator. Even science teaches us that in the absence of intelligent direction, entropy rules. Consider that we have yet to design anything that approaches the order and complexity found in nature. The world screams “intelligent creator”. The proof is everywhere.

(Rom 1:19-20) "...because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse..."

Don't be without an excuse. KNOW what you believe.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is She Your Daughter?

One of my girls from youth days is visiting. Carrie.

She's been off on her own for a while now. Last year went on a mission trip to 11 countries in 11 months. Graduated from FSU. Worked for the state.

We love having her here.

After a morning chat, then some work for me, we went for pedicures -- down to my "old neighborhood" because I miss my Publix, McDonalds and nail salon.

Carrie and I climbed into the pedicure chairs and the man who typically does my feet nodded toward Carrie, "Is that your daughter?"

I said, "Yes," without really thinking. I probably misunderstood him. I confess.

Carrie and I looked at each other, laughed and shrugged.

When I was checking out, the shop owner asked, "How old is she?"

I made a face. How old is who? I glanced at Carrie who had her toes stuck under the drying machine.

"She's um..." Me, squinting. I'm a great "mom." "Twenty-nine."

"Twenty-nine?!" Shock and dismay. "I thought she was fifteen or something."

Carrie beamed. I signed the debit receipt. Not a word about how I wasn't old enough to have a twenty-nine year old -- thank you very much! ;)

Carrie has yellow toe nails now. I told her she's walking on sunshine.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Going For A Run

I was going to blog. But I'm going for a run instead.

Seriously, my blogging gas tank is on empty. I have lots on my heart and mind to share but it's as if the Lord is asking me to be silent.

So, I will.

Far too often I speak too soon. I speak before the "idea" or the "revelation" is a life seed in my own heart. I go tossing out my treasures before they have a chance to shine.

Silence is a good thing. Really. Setting a guard over our mouth, godliness.

Off to run...

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Case You're Wondering, God IS Listening

I forget all the time that God is listening.

"Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD gave attention and heard it and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and esteem His name." Malachi 3:16

Those who feared the Lord spoke to each other. And the Lord GAVE attention to them. Even more, He wrote it down in His memory book!

The Lord is near. He's watching. Listening. I know it feels and seems at times like God is far off, distant, not answering, but the scripture is clear, the Lord is near to those who call upon Him in truth.

Sure, we must be true believers. We must believe in Him. We must believe He's good, He's love and He's who He says He is. So work on that if you're struggling, but otherwise, pick up our faith, lift your head and KNOW God is drawing near to hear your conversations.

For me, lately, that means shutting my mouth. As I realized today God hears me, I was in awe of how stupid I can be with my words. Evil even. I'm a venter. I have to work out my emotions or disappointments by... talking.

But what exactly is that getting me? Nothing. Only the negative emotions in my heart coming out of my mouth with the life form of words, then boomeranging back into my heart and creating a vortex of bad seeds that dig deep. I can't let go of what's bothering me because I keep talking about it!

I was worshipping at the piano today, kind of giving this deal to God in song and I came up with a country lyric! I know! Shock and amaze. "What can I do, how can I let go, when letting go won't let go of me."

The answer is letting go to Jesus. Covering it in the blood of the Cross. The blood that stains is the blood that cleans.

This notion of God listening hit me today when I mused back over our recent move. In February or March, I said to Hubby, "Gee, I hope our best days in ministry aren't behind us. Like what happened in youth church in the '90s was it."

"Oh, please, I hope not," he said.

Truly, could our best days in ministry be behind us? We had a mini move of God in the '90s followed by some serious years with some serious worship and serious kids. It was awesome.

Was that all, God?

Then in March our friends announce they're heading back to Pixar. I loved their house so I whispered to God one Monday, "Lord, if there's anyway we could get that house, please do it."

I knew we couldn't afford it, but I knew God could.

On Thursday, four short days later, our friend calls. "Hey, let's talk house." I blogged about it already, so I won't rehash the details.

On Friday, Hubby and I went down to Ft. Pierce to hear a man we know share some things God was showing him. It was a small intimate setting. Even so, the man did not know we were coming. We knew him, barely, and hadn't seen him in many years.

At the end of his sharing he began speaking to Hubs, exhorting him in the Lord FROM the Lord. In the middle he said, "The best is not in the past."

Saturday night we met with our friends to talk about the house.

It's no accident to me that the house prayer and the "best is not in the past" exhortation were answered the same week. God even answered us with our very words.

"I'm listening!"

Beloved, we may go months or weeks, sadly years, without such a kiss from the Lord, but we must continue to press in to hear His voice. He's not far off. He's not distant. He's very near. He does hear.

"Be still," Isaiah writes, "and know that I'm God."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer is practically over! School Days Loom.

We're heading into the weekend. It's mid July. Summer is only a few weeks old but already Awesome and I are talking about school starting. He teaches high school math in the mornings and pastors in the afternoons.

Yesterday I rode my bike past a park and pee wee and junior football had started practice. I stopped to watch. I wanted to help coach.

We've been in our new place six weeks. It's lovely. Has a lot of character. I'm comfortable here. But it's not quite home yet. I drove home from lunch the other day... to my old house.

I was way south of my now-house, stopped at a light, my senses coming together as I subconsciously considered my route home. Something felt off. Like, I wouldn't be able to get into the house when I arrived. Then it hit me! I was going home the wrong way. I'd gone on auto pilot.

I have a new book proposal on the table. It's fab. I'm excited about it. But up next is a fourth book with Sara Evans. We've not talked concept yet, but should be fun when we finally get our heads together.

The Wedding Dress rewrite comes next week. I'm looking forward to digging back into that story and polishing it up. Look for it April 2012.

It's been a quiet summer -- other than moving. Other than developing a book proposal, it's been writing-quiet too. I needed it. The winter and spring were deadline focused including a massive rewrite, then I went straight into the move. Isn't God good? To give me time? He knew, He knew...

Being away from writing for two months now, I'm actually enjoying reading again!

But next week, things get busy. I have The Wedding Dress rewrite.

Friends will be in town next week. Then again the first of August. My brother and his family come in September, then I'm off to the ACFW Conference. In October I have a brainstorm weekend, followed by a trip to the North Shore to visit Susie Warren. And hopefully a visit from my mom.

And it's FOOTBALL season. I'll be on ESPN 360 most Saturdays. :) I'm looking forward to the holidays in my new neighborhood. I hear they do things up right.

I'm loving life. Full of God's grace and trusting Him even when I'm not sure what the future holds. Trusting Him when I have this huge expectation yet am not sure it will ever come to fruition. He holds my heart. I'm so glad He loves me!

What's up with your summer? How's it going?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

He Blinded Me With Science

Great thoughts from my Awesome husband.

Stephen Hawking, renowned physicist, has recently declared that there is no God. Not surprising since science has been elevated above all other thought or reason.

Two consequences of this philosophy are that science can now speak authoritatively on any topic, and nothing is true unless science says it is true.

What has been overlooked is a logical fallacy. The Scientific Method, taught in every high school in America, requires any hypothesis undergo testing and observation before reaching a conclusion.

The fundamental methods of science limit it to speaking authoritatively only about those things that can be observed and tested. This leaves quite a list of topics about which science has nothing to say, evolution and the existence of God being two notable ones.

When science does speak authoritatively without applying the Scientific Method, I call that faith, and science becomes a religion.

So beware the priests of science. It’s just another cult.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Drawing winners

Thanks to all who comment on my blog and others about This Time. The winners of the book and gift cert are:

Juanita Wickey -- Softy and Tenderly and Gail Kittleson -- $10 to Amazon.

And one more for good measure: misskallie2000 -- $10 to Amazon.