Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer is practically over! School Days Loom.

We're heading into the weekend. It's mid July. Summer is only a few weeks old but already Awesome and I are talking about school starting. He teaches high school math in the mornings and pastors in the afternoons.

Yesterday I rode my bike past a park and pee wee and junior football had started practice. I stopped to watch. I wanted to help coach.

We've been in our new place six weeks. It's lovely. Has a lot of character. I'm comfortable here. But it's not quite home yet. I drove home from lunch the other day... to my old house.

I was way south of my now-house, stopped at a light, my senses coming together as I subconsciously considered my route home. Something felt off. Like, I wouldn't be able to get into the house when I arrived. Then it hit me! I was going home the wrong way. I'd gone on auto pilot.

I have a new book proposal on the table. It's fab. I'm excited about it. But up next is a fourth book with Sara Evans. We've not talked concept yet, but should be fun when we finally get our heads together.

The Wedding Dress rewrite comes next week. I'm looking forward to digging back into that story and polishing it up. Look for it April 2012.

It's been a quiet summer -- other than moving. Other than developing a book proposal, it's been writing-quiet too. I needed it. The winter and spring were deadline focused including a massive rewrite, then I went straight into the move. Isn't God good? To give me time? He knew, He knew...

Being away from writing for two months now, I'm actually enjoying reading again!

But next week, things get busy. I have The Wedding Dress rewrite.

Friends will be in town next week. Then again the first of August. My brother and his family come in September, then I'm off to the ACFW Conference. In October I have a brainstorm weekend, followed by a trip to the North Shore to visit Susie Warren. And hopefully a visit from my mom.

And it's FOOTBALL season. I'll be on ESPN 360 most Saturdays. :) I'm looking forward to the holidays in my new neighborhood. I hear they do things up right.

I'm loving life. Full of God's grace and trusting Him even when I'm not sure what the future holds. Trusting Him when I have this huge expectation yet am not sure it will ever come to fruition. He holds my heart. I'm so glad He loves me!

What's up with your summer? How's it going?


Sharon Hayes said...

I'm ready for Fall - summer has been too hot & boring - except for visits from Danny & Joel.

I'm ready to get the heck outa Dodge. But afraid that ain't happening any time soon - at least not soon enough for me.

Enjoyed reading your post as alway Rach. Love ya

Rachel Hauck said...

Mom, I hear you! Hang in there. Love you,

Sandra Heska King said...

How's it going? It's going fast. Life. And summer.

Preparations for my son's 4th of July wedding--a responsibility we undertook because of fractures between the bride's father and stepmom. He did not come, and her mom gave her away.

Since it was a destination beach wedding, the hubs and I took a pre-trip a couple of weeks before the wedding. Then the wedding for several days--that included family time like tubing for a couple days prior.

Home for a week and then gone again to my hometown for family time and annual festival.

Home for a week and leave again to pick up my son's car that he crashed on his honeymoon.

Gone to the upper peninsula for a week in August.

Then ACFW, and I'm frantically trying to have something worthwhile to show.

How many shopping days until Christmas?

Jeanne T said...

Isn't it so interesting? We have this idea of what a season (like summer break) will hold, and then something comes into the picture, altering everything "planned." My summer has been an unexpected summer with health issues to resolve after a complication from surgery made its presence known in my body.

In spite of time going to appointments I hadn't intended, I have relished drawing closer to Jesus as He's shown His love and trustworthiness to me. I've loved having time with my kiddos, and less structure to my days.

We'll have some family time together before school begins, and then we're back into school, homework, music, karate, and whatever else pops into our lives. Football? Yes, watching on the weekends. Relaxing with family. Yes. I'm learning not to write the status quo into cement in my days and "my" time anymore.

Loved your post, Rachel. Sorry I'm so wordy. :)

Rachel Hauck said...

Sandra, I need a vacation after reading your post! LOL! It's good to be alive and active though with family and passions and ministry and writing. Can't wait to se you in September!

Jeanne, I'm so sorry about your health issues. I'll pray for you! But it is in "these seasons" we draw closer to Him. I'd not trade my wilderness years for nothing.

Football! You bet! Can't wait. Love you!