Sunday, April 22, 2007

Elvis, Pal and Me

Laying on the couch Sunday afternoon, flipping channels, half awake, watching PBS because our "basic are you sure you really want cable?" channels have snorible programming on weekends.

PBS is showing a recent Elvis stadium concert in Memphis where old concert film of Elvis is projected on jumbotrons while the original, now-much-older musicians and singers play live on stage.

Interesting. More interesting the sixteen year old fans... A story idea brewed.

Anyway, in one segment, Elvis sang How Great Thou Art. My dog Pal and I have a little tradition. I sing How Great Thou Art in the tub, as loud and high as I can, and Pal joins in.


I started singing with Elvis. "Then sings my souuul, my Savior God to Thee."
Sure enough, Pal sticks his face close to mine, lifts his nose and joins right in.

"Argh, argh, a-hoooo."

Today, history was made. My dog and I sang a trio with the legendary, albeit dead, Elvis Presley.

Thank you very much.


Kristy Dykes said...

Hilarious, Rachel! You brightened my day!

Mom of 5 said...

This is so funny Rach, when I was young 10 or so, I had a dog that howled when I sang. :o)

Keep singing How Great Thou Art - great great song
Love Mom

Rebekah said...

Just goes to prove that Pal is the dog for you... maybe I could find a talking dog that could commentate with Josh in the shower :)

mernitman said...

Reminds me of Asta the terrier singing a quartet with Hepburn, Grant, and Baby the leopard in "Bringing Up Baby"... nothing like having a tuneful dog!