Saturday, April 14, 2007

Where to from here?

Did you see? Prince William and his girlfriend of several years, Kate, have split.

I'm not surprised, but I gotta ask, "Where does a girl go after dating the Prince of England?"

Can you see the next guy coming along?

"Hi, I'm Cole."

Tossing her long, luxurious hair. "I'm Kate."

Yadda, yadda, small talk.

Cole gets brave, figuring she hasn't walked off yet or punch him in the nose. "I don't see a ring on your finger." He gives her his best, I'm-a-stud smile.

"I'm not married."

Cole's hope surges. "What? Then you've a boyfriend. You're too beautiful to be single."

"I had a boyfriend. We broke up about a year ago."

(Side bar: Cole's been serving England in Iraq for the past year and NOT paid attention to the tabloids. He doesnt' recognize Kate. Okay, on with the story.)

"Broke up? I say he's a bloody fool. Who is he? A colleague? Shall I punch him for you?"

Laughing, Kate says, "Punch him? Do you want to risk your life? All of England will come down on you."

"All of England?"

"Yes, they're kind of touchy about their crown princes."

Realization dawns for Cole. "You dated William."

Kate confirms with a nod.

Cole backs away, his chest heavy with not-a-snowballs-chance feeling. How could a bloke possibly measure up to the Prince of England (or Wales, whichever, you know what I mean here.)

"Maybe we could meet at the pubs later," Kate suggests.

"Later? Right, I'm busy. I'll be in the hospital. Having something... removed." And so Cole runs away.

The End

Seriously, how does a man follow a true prince? Sure William is a regular guy in most respects, but it's what he brings to the table. Can any other man make a girl literally his Princess? His Queen?


Kate seems like a practical girl. I'm sure she'll find someone... some day.


In other news....

Went back to the gym for Spinning on Thursday. First time in MONTHS. I survived. Hated the techno music. The usual instructor wasn't there.

Worked out on a few of the new machines. Did some squats. Now I'm in pain. Thank you very much.

Came to a realization. Zechariah 4:10 "Who despises the day of small things?"

Small beginnings do not mean small endings!

God is so good! All the time.


Will H. Donaldson Family said...

First, it wouldn't take much to top the crown prince. Just good family values. Second, you've been tagged! check the site and don't whine it's a short easy one...(insert cruel chuckle here ;)

eric said...

I couldn't imagine a true soldier being cowed by that kind of situation... but it could be a good book idea...