Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Georgia On Her Mind

I have a title! I'm so excited. The Steeple Hill Cafe team is brilliant. "Georgia On Her Mind" is the title for my upcoming release. In stores near you August '06.

Now to make the story as brilliant. ;) I like Macy's story a lot, I do. Even for one who's read and edited it about five times now. Krista's suggestions and guidance are really strengthening the tale of a Florida girl finding her home in a place she never expected, home.

It's Wednesday and I've been editing all afternoon. By the time I go to prayer, 7 - 9, then to the gym for an hour, home to shower and do email, it's noon or one before I get started on Wednesdays. I love Thursdays 'cause I have ALL day. Unless I play racquetball, I have nothing outside the house. I can pray at home, walk in the neighborhood, and work. Wed and Fridays are the most crunched days cause I have prayer in the morning and then church or prayer at night. But it's ALL good. All good.

Well, just wanted to update. Back to Macy, Georgia and the look alike dress her mother bought for her to wear to a bar-b-cue.


Paula said...

I LOVE the excitement in your post. It helps me push on with my own writing. How very cool. Can't wait to read your book.

#3 of FIVE said...

Hi Doechee, I just thought I'd write a comment just to let ya know that I try to visit your site as often as I can and hopefully be ministered too. Like dipping my bucket in a well for water.

Mom of Five said...

That is so neat that #3 of Five expects to be ministered to by "#2 of Five" :o)

Mom of Five :o)