Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What'z Up?

Chick Lit fans unite! Good Girls Book Club Online is hosting a chicks roundtable/chat tomorrow night, Thursday the 28th at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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Chick lit authors will be chatting on line. Be sure to join us!

What else is up? Hum, don't know. Went out to dinner last night with a few writer friends who live in the area. RWA members. We ate at the Disney Resort in Wabasso. Very nice. Mediocre food. But good company. We've been getting together once a month for dinner and writing talk. A couple of us are published, one is about to be (hopefully) and the rest will be some day. ;)

We had house guests since last Thursday. A friend of Joseph White's and her Mom. Very nice ladies. They went back to Connecticut today.

I worked on my Georgia rewrites. I was all set to go, then decided one of my new scenes was SNORING, so after the play at church Saturday night, of which I was an involuntary cast member, I had a new idea for the scene and came home and rewrote until 1 a.m. But, as you may or may not know, every time I change something, I have to go back through the whole thing to make sure I catch an references to the changed scene. It may be one sentence on page 300, but I had to rework it. Or, if the new scene's dialog or motivation changes something small, gotta look for that. It's amazing the time it takes, but I wanted it to be good.

Finally, I printed it off when I was questioning every word and deleting things. You look at it so much, it starts to sound the same. I was afraid in tightening up the story and writing, I would lose my chick voice. Gotta keep the voice, ya know.

New Do - I got a new hair do today. Well, not new, but cut and colored. Looks fab-u-lous dah-ling.

Hey, I read a Danielle Steel book last week, The Gift. Set in the '50s, it's about a sixteen year old girl who gets pregnant by a guy she met at the Prom. And no, he was not her date. So, her dad sends her away and she happens upon, by happenstance, a family who was falling apart after their young daughter died the Christmas before. So yadda, yadda, the sixteen year old girl gives them her baby to adopt.

Very nice story, draw you in because the characters are so vivid. But DS definitely tells the story from the authors POV, not any one particular character. She head hops alot. But, with 300 bazillion books in print? Who cares?

Be cool. Jesus loves you. Me, too. (But He's better.)

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