Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday Evening Chill

It's cold here. The fire place is crackling and I'm reading a good book while snuggled under my Ohio State blanket (thanks, Joel) and watching PBS, Extreme Home Makeover and the Olympics.

I like to multi-task.

Our church recently changed names from New Covenant Fellowship to Church On The Rock - Melbourne. Today was our first Sunday as Church On The Rock. The offering was on budget.

We thought it a good start. ;)

Met with some local writers on Saturday at Barnes & Noble. We were there for four hours, but it was fun.

Friday night at Fire Dweller we prayed the opposite of the Whoas of Mathew 23. One kid prayed from verse 24 - "you strain a gnat and swallow a camel," Jesus said.

I wondered, "What does that really mean."

I started singing from my heart. "You beat the widow and the child, but forgive the rich man of his sins. You strain the gnat and swallow the camel."

Then, sang the opposite. "You forgive the widow and the child, and beat the rich man for his sins. No more swallowing the camel, no more straining the gnat."

I know, it sounds strange, but it really gave the room understanding - at least me. That's why praying and singing the scriptures is so incredible to our understanding.

It probably won't ever turn into a congregation song, but it worked for the night. We got it on CD, and it's pretty cool. If not for anyone but me. David led worship and did a dern good job!

Anyway, read Mathew 23 and pray the opposite of the "whoas."



Heather Diane Tipton said...

again you got it on CD and yet I have no cd :-p

yes, yes, I know I'm a pest. LOL

Julie said...

Church on the Rock? I like it but I don't think I'll ever get used to that! It'll always be NCF. :)

Pete said...

I think that straining a gnat is parallel to getting blood from a turnip or stone. Swallowing a camel is like having a throught to an open grave or a real big mouth. You get what you can from other people only to feed yourself.
Going from NCF to COTR sounds like you are changing from a title with a clear definition to a generic title that has multiple interpritations. I think that people should get it though. Is there a verse to go with the new name?