Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Upping the anty

I'm upping the anty in my life. No more fooling around. I mean, really, how much longer can I fool myself that "tomorrow" I'm going to really go hard for God, really start loosing those pesky 25 lbs, etc.

You know the routine. It's time to belly up (no pun) and do what I want to do. Do what I know is right to do.

I'm also thinking about a serious house cleaning. I mean, really, what do I need with 25 DVDs? What value do they have in eternity? I have roughly 40 - 50 years left in this life and I want to make them count.

Simplify. Tis my motto.

It's human nature to cling. Cling to friends, cling to the past, cling to things. And, some times that's okay, but often it's clutter. Not only in our physical lives, but in our emotional and spiritual lives.

Declutter. Tis my motto.

I'm visiting my Mom for her birthday. We're having a nice time, but I need to head home tomorrow. Friday, my local RWA conference starts, and I'm hosting a Good Girls Corner for the PAN Pajama Party along with author, Mia Crews.

Mia and I had breakfast on Monday and had a great time. She's very classy and sweet.

But next Monday, I'm starting the simplify, declutter process. And, to think of a new chick lit idea.

Wow, it took me months to come up with the songwriter, Robin Rae McAfee. Prayers please. I have only months to create, write, edit, rewrite and submit. But my God is God of the impossible. Yay!

So, figure out what's clutter in your life. Busyness, a relationship, stuff, TV shows, gossip. Whatever. Let's be bold and declutter and simplify this month. Wow, what a great feeling it will be.

There should be NO excuse for not knowing Him more. People, we must be ready. We can't be offended when His judgements begin to be unleased. We can't risk our hearts growing cold.



Pammer said...

Um, if you only have 25 DVDs, we need to talk. :0)

I agree with you about declutter and simplify, and often to do so in one's physical environmnet, it has to be done in one's emotional environment first. Let God open the window and let the fresh air of His love whisk in.

Great post!


Ame said...

I'm with ya, Rachel :) If it weren't for the loss of the divorce, I'd throw or give away a lot of my kids stuff. I look around this world a lot and see most all of it burning up one day . . . so little that really matters. I love nice things. I love God's beauty. I love creating beauty. I love the gift of creating beauty that God gave me. I also love expressing it within the framework of simplicity - both internally and externally :)

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Great post Rachel. I'm with ya!

Anonymous said...

Rachel I can't begin to tell you how much I'm blessed with your zeal for the Lord. It is an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for coming up for my birthday I thoroughly enjoyed it, just wish we could have had more time - BUT I'm very thanksful for the time we had. Love you so much, Jesue, Love you so much. Love you Rach, Mom

Amey said...

Hey Rachel...

Check out sometime. My sisters and I all are "flying" in our homes... decluttering, cleaning out "hot spots", keeping on a daily routine that has our homes ready for visitors anytime of the day or night... using their reminders we even keep our laundry caught up, fresh towels washed, the fridge empty of old foods, and the sink polished... it's amazing and only takes maybe 15 minutes, 3 times a day to stay on top of everything with their system.

We're hooked... and you have to come visit... but that's a side note... xoxo


Rachel Hauck said...

Hey you guys, thanks for the encouragement!

Yes, Pammer, I think we only have about 25 DVDs, but we don't have kids. :)

Lynette Sowell said...

Like I tell my daughter, less is more. :) Time to dig out some trash bags and toss.

Praying that your new character steps right up and introduces herself. :)

Unc. C. said...

Hey there Dear Niece,

I need some encouragement. I tried your de-clutter thing for about a week. I mean I hit it hard, and ruthless, even decending upon some of my forgotten memory lane stashes. I made two trips to the Good Will. Your Aunt Linda was amazed.

Now, since I got rid of a lot of this and that, I can't remember where I put some of my favorite these and those.

Have mercy,

Unc. C.