Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane, hurricane, go away, come again. . . never! It's predicted that the storm will pass under us, with the strongest winds on the south side of the storm, but still, rain, wind, tornados, rain, wind and tornados. Fun. Please keep the southern half of the state in prayer.

I'm blogging now in case we lose power tomorrow for a few days. I may be writing with the old pen and pad.

Lead worship this morning using the youth band, David on guitar. Very good. Very fun. David is just so phenominal. It takes a lot of pressure off of me as a leader because David is so good at playing-on-the-fly or knowing where I want to go. While I'm on keys, he's the lead instrument and drives it all. Anyway, we had a good set this morning, glory to Jesus. I'm nothing, NOTHING without Him.

Tony's parents are here, weathering the hurricane with us. If we lose power, we figure we'll just light candles and play cards. Ah, this bring back such fond hurricane party memories from last year. Laugh-out-loud. They are leaving on Tuesday after the weather dies down.

I'm reading Kristin Billerbeck's book, "She's All That." A great read! Buy it! Read it! Kristin is such a wonderful storyteller with likeable, real characters.

Our resident brain at church, Monte, preached this morning. He's a math genius and computer whiz. Anyway, he talked about Thomas Harding and his false assumptions about evolution.

Like a million monkey, with a million typewriters, over a million years will produce a Shakespearean play.<\p>

First of all, apologies to Shakespear on behalf of Thomas Harding. Second of all, computation whiz Monte did a small calculation to see the probabilities of this happening. This is so awesome.

Task 1 - A million monkeys, a million typewriters and a million years to produce, "IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH." The typewriter has all the right keys, all caps, only commas and periods.

Task 2 - A moth hitting a rock as large as the planet, Earth, with the tip of it's wing and knocking off one molecule every 1000 years and whittling the rock down to nothing.<\p>

Which is more like happen? The moth will whittle down 12,500 rocks the size of earth one molecule at a time before one of the million monkeys can type anything remotely close to "IN THE BEGINNING..." There's a one in a million chance of it ever happening.

Isn't that astounding? But, it's proven, calculated math. Yet, the "great" minds of our time still believe in evolution.

Let's open our hearts and minds and believe! God is the creator and He loves us!

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

glad you made it throught the hurricane okay