Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Random things on my mind

I'm taking a break today from the Song of Solomon study to just give random thoughts. Things that make me laugh, things that make me go "hum...."

At the gym Monday night and our instructor has us stepping for 3 minutes, then jump roping for one. You cannot imagine how hard it is to jump rope for one minute. Six year old girls are heroines to me. One of my "classmates" was having a hard night. Do this wrong, that wrong. Like we toss this little pointy ball around for fun, but it bounces all over the place if you don't catch it. We're supposed to toss under handed, but she's tossing over hand, just little things.

Finally, we get to working on abs, which calls for sitting on those huge, colorful balls. You've seen them on comercials, right. Well, Leigh, I'll call her, gets this real squishy green one. Instructor says, "there's not enough air in that one."

"That's ok," says Leigh.

All's well until the end of the ab workout. We're stretching our backs over the ball, hands over head, leaning out those ab muscles. I hate that exercise, so I'm sitting up, watching and waiting.

Suddenly, Leigh rolls off her ball. THUD! and rolls around the floor, hands still stretched over her head. OMG, it was so funny. She gets up, smiling and the girl on the other side of her laughs.

I laugh. Ok, she's fine, has a new ball, we're moving onto pushups. I CANNOT stop laughing. I duck my face to the floor and will myself not to see her rolling off the ball, hitting the floor and rolling a few more times.

Snort. Suck it up. Ten minutes later, class is over. I walk with Leigh out to our cars. Get in mine, crank the engine, crank the air and let 'er rip! I laughed all the way home - ten minutes, maybe more.

It still makes me laugh. She was so cute and funny. Oh well, guess you had to be there.

What's up with McDonald's these days? I stopped in for a hamburger on my way to the RWA meeting last night, after Spinning, and there was a posting on the regitster: "Average service time, 45 seconds."

In what universe? I waited two minutes just to be asked, "May I take your order!" Waited three more minutes for a hamburger! How does that average to 45 seconds? I didn't see any one waited on in less than 5 minutes.

How does the register know, btw? I didn't see her punching buttons when she stopped and started my order.

This is what gets me most. Person in front of me orders and the food is not ready. The counter person doesn't go ahead and take my order, get it in the system. Nooooo. She stands there with her hands on her hips waiting for the first order! Stands there. Waiting.

Now, I'm a McDonald's alum! We were never, ever allowed to stand there and wait.

McDonald's, listen to me! Go back to the bin method of serving food. Have it all ready. Forget the microwave method and just cook it, serve it up and have your people run and get it. Now that the drinks are out from behind the counter, you should be able to have record service times.

I simply don't see how this new method works. Go back to the bins! I'm done with that rant now. Sorry.

Off to write. Pray for me. ;)


Tracey Bateman said...

what are you doing going to McDonald's after you just killed yourself working out anyway? Do you know there are 450 calories in a dollar menu double cheeseburger? That' just makes me sad

Scott Weberg said...

Ha! Since I work for McDonald's biggest competitor, I loved this! Rachel, please stick with Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, Long John Silvers, or A&W. Any of those will do! ;-) And yes, the register DOES know (in theory) when an order was began, and when it was finished - the beauty of computers.