Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm My Beloved's, He Is Mine

This verse jumped out at me as I read Song of Solomon this morning. "I'm my Beloved's and He is mine." I'm not going to comment. Just say the verse to yourself over and over today, let it soak in, go down to the depths of your soul. There is NO force like the force of one who is confident in love.

"I'm my Beloved's and He is mine!"

Writing is back on track, thanks to all who prayed. I spent the weekend editing and rewriting, then caught up with it yesterday. But, I still struggled with doubts. Am I on the right track? Am I bogging the story down? Do I need this scene? Is the story even funny? It felt so serious to me. So, a friend said, "Send it to me." She knew I just wanted an overall critique, not a line by line crit. This is the first and a half draft after all.

She emailed me this morning that she loved it and it was very REAL (another concern) and hilarious. She's having her sister read it, too, for feedback. Thank you, Chris!

Went to Spinning last night, then home to work some more and watch Gilmore Girls. You know, I'm wondering if they are going to wind the show down, maybe this or next is the last season. I'll be really mad if Rory breaks up with Logan, or Logan breaks up with her. He is rather impetuous, though. (What was my post the other day about wasting time and emotion on things that don't matter?! Hum. . . )

Tony is doing well, thanks for asking. The dogs are also doing well, but Pal is annoying as always. For those of you who know him, big surprise, eh? But, he's cute and loyal and loving so we endure. Red is still a fat cat, but a cutie.

The Young Women's conference "Raising the Bar" is Friday and Saturday. I've been reading Song of Solomon to prepare for my message on Saturday night. Chapter 2 verse 15 is going to be key. "Catch the foxes that spoil the vineyard."

This is a cry of the Bride's to her Beloved to catch the lies, deceit and craftiness of the world that takes away from her wholehearted devotion. Young women today are being led astray by the lies of the world, the media, Hollywood, feminism. Our heart cry is, "Lord, catch these things in our lives. Expose them. We want to be true women of virtue and integrity."

Anyway, that's the spring board for my message.

Well, must work. Lunch with Allison today and need to shop for my baskets for the conference. Peace.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

"Just say the verse to yourself over and over today, let it soak in, go down to the depths of your soul."

Yes ma'am

Paula said...

I'm doing it, saying it over and over. I am His and He is mine. Oh what comfort.