Sunday, October 02, 2005

Living at the foot of the cross

Tony and I went to lunch with a new, young couple at church, Mattthew and Elisa, 23. They are getting married next month, but are down here working. She lives with his parents and he's holding down their soon to be newlywed apartment.

Over stromboli's and hot subs, we talked about the Lord and what He's doing today. Shared our testimonies, in brief, and I remember thinking how odd it is that I feel so comfortable with "kids" half my age. It felt completely normal and perfect to be with them. I'd rather be with twenty-somethings most of the time than people my own age.

But you know, it's not the age. It's their heart. Their passion. They want to go for Jesus. Their idea of a fun time, hanging out? Worshipping and praying. That's awesome. That's what Tony and I want.

As we left the restuarant, Tony said to me, "That's what we need, their zeal."

They need our wisdom and experience. Without each other, what we have is half as effective. Zeal without wisdom and experience (these two had a lot of wisdom, but at 23 you only have so much experience) can be dangerous. Wisdom and experience without zeal is a waste.

I'm so glad the Lord brought them to NCF! They have such pure, hungry hearts. Another thing for us older, more experience ones to note. We get weary and bitter. How many times have I heard myself or others who've been around say, "Yeah, we tried that, didn't work."

I'm going for Jesus. I want to be like Mary the Devoted.

Worked on the Country Princess yesterday and last night. I just have to slow down and think, weave my story, trust in Jesus. When I was coordinating a big confernce in 2003, I'd wake up overwhelmed and panicked. I'd pray, "Lord, this is Yours. If You don't do it, it won't happen." Peace would wash over me and so far, Houston 2003 is my favorite conference. Thank you, Jesus.

So, I pray the same about my books. Jesus, if You don't do it, it won't happen. I mean, I'll type, You write. (grin.) Think I'll do a little of that now.

I leave you with this phrase from The Dixie Dictionary: living at the foot of the cross - phr - religious conversion after a narrow escape from death.

Tell me about it. . .


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Matthew and Elisa Berry said...

Thanks, Rachel. Elisa and I were so blessed to read that post. You two and us are in for a wild journey together -- we need each other and really want to gain from your experience.


When are we going to "chill"? Are we still on for New Years?