Saturday, October 22, 2005

Song of Solomon 1:7

"Tell me, O you whom my soul loves, where do you pasture your flock, where do you make it lie down at noon? For why should I be like one who veils herself beside the flocks of your companions?"

Have you ever lost that lovin' feeling? Tired of doing, tired of being busy, sick of whinny people who are never satisfied with your work, weary of never hearing a thank you? It's do, do, do and never time to be, be, be.

The Bride in verse seven relates. She's sick of her brothers and sisters in Christ working her to death. She's painted the nursery, volunteered for the finance committee, visits the sick, cooks extra chicken for the pot luck dinner, rises early three times a week for morning prayer in the sanctuary and recently agreed to be a deacon. Dang, she's tired. And while having a form of Godliness, her own spiritual well is running dry.

Her weaknesses and issues rise to the surface in the midst of her busyness and she has no time to lean against her Beloved.

Finally, she cries out. "Hey, Jesus, I love you but my heart is so far from you! Where are You? Where do you hang out with all the other believers who seem to be doing so great? I'm sick of my sin. I want to be with you!"

She's looking for intimacy. She wants to return to her fist love that's been snuffed out by the busyness of church and the noise of the world.

She wants to "lie down at noon" satisfied with the pleasure of knowing Jesus loves her and that his love is all she needs to be fulfilled.

Why should she be veiled before Him, hiding her sin and weakness? Veiled ones cannot see, or be seen. She's been to the intimate place, if not recently, when she first met her Beloved. She doesn't want to return to a place of hiding.

We have to guard our time. Let busyness distract us from our Beloved, Jesus. We cannot let our weakness and sin overshadow the reality that we are lovers of God who struggle with sin, not sinners who struggle to love God.

Carve out time to be with Him. Look at all you're doing and ask the Lord, "Is this what you want me doing?" Don't let your heart be over grown with stuff that doesn't draw you closer. Bitterness and hurt and feeling unappreciated will drive you out of the place He's called you to be.

It's both-and: Being with Him, Being with those who love Him.

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