Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oh, the beauty

The last two days have been beautiful. Cold. Crisp. Clear. The memory of a hurricane far away now. Fall has finally come to central Florida.

I'm home from youth church via Checkers via the Tapper's house. Now I'm blogging and watching the World Series. I haven't been following it but tonight's game looks interesting. White Sox are up three games to none. Its the top of the 8th and Chicago is at bat.

Writing is going. I'm looking forward to next week. Had a good brainstorm session yesterday with me pals, Chris, trace, Susan and Susie. I'm looking forward to power write week in Orlando. I'm going to write my heart out, or at least try. I just need to settle down, think and write. Some days, just when I'm getting it going, feeling the groove, it's time to go do something like youth church. It takes time to settle down and listen to the story within.

White Sox's just scored. It's one nothing, bottom of the 8th.

Anyway, note to self: don't read writing books while writing a book.

Wouldn't it be fun to be a sportscaster, or the person who calls the game. I think that would be fun. We were talking at Checkers and one of the girls goes, "I don't like football."

I'm like, "What? How can you not like football?"

She so needs to go to a University with a great football team. My brother would roll over in his grave, if he were dead and in a grave, to hear me talk about liking football, and watching the World Series. LOL.

How many childhood arguments were launched over what television show to watch? At least every Sunday. He wanted to watch sports, I wanted to watch a movie or something. We only had three channels until I was probably 14, then cable entered our world. Four or five channels and still, only one family TV.

White Sox's Won!! Whoo hoo!

Good night.

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