Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A quote. And a story about my dog

During prayer one day, the Lord said to a great woman of God I know. "You deny my power to transform your life by your undue and unrelenting focus on your own weakness.

How true is that? What a great word? We focus on our own weakness, our powerlessness and decide God can't do anything for us.

There is no im in His possible. Believe God. He is willing. He is able.

So my dog, Pal. Many of you know him... um, yeah, the crazy little black & brown dude. While in my writing room this morning, Pal suddenly tries to climb into my lap. He scratched and clawed, trembling, and refused to sit like I told him. He acted scared and I'm not kidding, he kept looking over his shoulder to where he normally naps while I work.

"What is it, Pal?" I asked, shoving him back down to the floor. He wouldn't have it. Wanted in my lap desperately.

I think he saw an angel. He's done this before, but today was really obvious. People have seen angels around here. Maybe Pal saw one today. My little "seeing" dog.

I finally passed the 60K word mark. And, this after spending the month of November researching and rewriting, editing. Oh, please pray this story is good. I really appreciate it.

Oh! Matt and Jodi are here! They moved into their apartment today and came to the pot luck. They are going to work with us at Youth Church. They'll be here until next September, unless God says otherwise. Please, Lord, please!

Peace out, ya'll.


Hope Wilbanks said...

Thank you! This post was meant for me (the first part). Thank you for sharing this, and thank You, Lord, for speaking to me through Rachel! Have a great day! :)

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Well you already now that that quote kicked me in the teeth... but thanks for doing it again. LOL

cool on the angel

yay on passing the 60k mark. and of course the story is going to be good. it's going to be great! And of course I'll pray it will.

Tracey Bateman said...

"You deny my power to transform your life by your undue and unrelenting focus on your own weakness."

POWERFUL. I can't stop thinkingabout this since I first read it last night!

Thanks for always seeming to have the Word in Season for so many of us, Rachel. God uses you in such neat ways.

Sorry to do this...but I have to TAG you. This is something going around apparently. Go to my blog to figure out what you need to do. :) It's kind of fun