Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lambert's Code Response

Hey ya'll, I've had some response on Lambert's Code. I'm happy to report. All good. A friend just called and said she finished it this morning and loved it. She cried at the end. And she thought the lesson of Lambert's Code was so good.

I was worried about this story. Not sure I'd done a good job, but it turns out a few people liked it.

Well, I realllly neeeed to vaccum my house. So, talk at ya later. Peace out.


sheree stebbins said...

hey rach,

i just reread the first lambert book over the last couple days... really invoked some thoughts. i can't wait to start the second today at lunch and i am sure the third is phenomenal!!! can't wait to see you on thursday!!!
love ya, sher

Mom of 5 said...

Hi Chel, just to add more compliments about your book, I've given out 8 books and everyone responded back to me that they really liked this book. It is just going to get better and better and BETTER.

Love ya, Mom