Saturday, November 12, 2005

Song of Solomon 1:9 - 11

You remind me of Pharaoh's well-groomed and satiny mares.
Pendant earrings line the elegance of your cheeks;
Strands of jewels illumine the curve of your throat.
I'm making jewelry for you, gold and silver jewelry.

I love horses. When they run, they are beautiful and powerful. Jesus uses the beauty and power of horses to give us a picture of His love for us. He sees our willing and sincere heart. When I watch horses race, I almost always get teary-eyed. I feel their willingness, sincerity and eagerness to run. They want to please the rider.

When Solomon wrote this verse, Pharaoh's horses were the best in the world. To be a mare in his stable, she had to be of the purist breed, strong, capable and beautiful. Jesus likens us to the best of the best. He calls us "my love." Some translations say, "My beautiful one." He wants us to see ourselves as chosen, selected, and beautiful. Anyone, anyone who leans on Him is beautiful and loved. Remember John 7:37 says "if anyone comes to me... out of him will flow rivers of living water." We have to see ourselves as beautiful and loved. He says so Himself.

... Your cheeks are lovely with ornaments.

How often have your cheeks flushed with emotion or born the trail of tears? Cheeks reflect or hold our emotions. Cheeks speak symbolically of our emotion throughout this Song. In this verse, Jesus sees that our emotions are toward Him. As we allow His love to transform us, it reflects in our emotions! Bye, bye PMS. Bye, bye fear and anxiety. Bye, bye depression. Jesus' love transforms my emotions and stirs my heart more and more toward Him. And, He in turn, responds as Lover responds to lover. Ornaments are skillfully crafted. God skillfully works to beautiful us and our emotions. Though we struggle with lust or anger or jealousy, He sees the YES! in our heart to grow in Him, to be changed. Just say YES!

...Your neck with chains of gold.

The neck speaks of our will. Don't be stubborn or rebellious, but be of godly submission. Chains of gold speak of royalty and authority. Back in the day, only royalty wore gold chains. Gold indicated divine character being formed in us as we seek him, cry out to Him even though we stumble.

... We will make you ornaments of godly with studs of silver.

This is God's divine promise to complete the good work He began in you. As we partner with Him, He will transform us, make us Christ-like in our character. We will be extravagant worshippers of Jesus. Gold is purified with fire. So are we. But He promises us a complete and beautiful work. Silver speaks of His redemption. He will use us to redeem and deliver other people. You are not a failure if you stumble. God is for you, working to transform you. You are only a failure if you harden your heart or quit.

Hang in there as He refines you. Keep saying YES! in your heart.


Anonymous said...
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Rachel Hauck said...
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Paula said...

This is beautiful. Did I tell you that a friend bought this study for me as a gift after I asked you about it? Just got it in the mail yesterday and am looking forward to starting it.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Man, Rachel, I can't thank you enough for doing this. This whole series you have been doing so meets me where I'm at right now. Thank you.