Thursday, November 17, 2005

Song of Solomon 1:12

While the king was at his table, My perfume gave forth its fragrance...

We have watched the Bride grow in the revelation of her Lover's love and affection for her. Jesus is in love with her. With you and me. Remember, the Bride is us. Both corporately and individually.

But, she's still a selfish lover. Jesus is a means, not at end. She sees Him as the source of her happiness, not the embodiment of her happiness. He will help me get where I want to be. She is still immature and trapped in weakness. She understands that Jesus is her inheritance, but must learn the deeper revelation that we are His inheritance. Isn't that amazing.

While the king is at His table...

Jesus the King expresses the affection of the Father's heart. He's answered the brides question in verse 7, "where will you feed me?" He's saying, I'll feed you. I'll provide for you. You don't have to worry. He's revealing the authority of His Kingship. She, we, can trust His affection for us because He's king.

We must see that our lover-redeemer is a glorious King, sitting at a banqueting table, waiting for you and me. Pouring out His love and affection on us. He's saying, Come into this intimate communion with me. His table

Speaks of a place of revelation. Speaks of the marriage supper of the Lamb at the end of the age. It speaks of the Cross. The table of salvation that we all come to when we first know Him. He's prepared a way for us, to the affectionate heart of the Father, a feast, by going to the Cross and conquering sin and death.

...My perfume gave forth it's fragrance.

Some translations say spikenard gave forth it's fragrance. Spikenard or perfume speaks of her spontaneous worship. She's sitting at the King's table, feeding on the truth of the Cross (salvation, deliverance, provision, affection, healing, unconditional love...) Her heart is overjoyed and she releases her worship to the Father. It is a fragrance before Him.

The Lord loves the fragrance of our heart, of our worship. When we focus on His provision, our spirits emanate with a sweet fragrance. We are to God the fragrance of Jesus.

But many of us are overcome with condemnation and accusation. We are not confident in God's love. We release a fragrance of fear instead of worship. Is He going to reject me? When we are not secure in our place before Him, we cannot open our hearts in true worship. We cannot present ourselves for fear of rejection or judgment.

So, hear what the Lord is saying. He's sitting at His banqueting table. It's already laid out for you. He's saying Come! I see your weakness and immaturity, but I love you. Come, be secure in my love. See what I've done for you.

Then, we worship Him freely, our spirits a beautiful, costly perfume before Him.