Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lost In Nashvegas

My new title! I love it. I do. It's so Robin, my character. Lost in Nashvega. Nashvegas is a nickname for this great town, but Robin will find her way.

I'm having a great time, but am exhausted. Yesterday I spoke with Ree Buchanan of Wrensong Publishing. One of her writers has 2004's song of the year, Brad Paisley's Whisky Lullaby. She was very kind and gracious.

After that I went where... oh, to Centennial Park and walked around there, then downtown to the Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium.

I entered into legend, ya'll. I sang on the stage steps of the Ryman where hundreds have gone before. I sang "This Little Light Of Mine." :)

I loved the Hall but information overload. There is so much great history to country music. The Ryman was great - incredible history. Built by Colonel Ryman after attending a revival tent meeting by an Evangelist, Snow. "Something in the sermon touch the Colonel..." hum, wonder what that was? (wink, wink) He took his gambling and drinking earnings and build Snow a building so he wouldn't have to preach in a tent anymore.

I see the Ryman preaching the Word of God again someday.

Went to the Bluebird with Lisa Young. Very fun night. All the singer/songwriters were great. Loved Wynn Varble. His songs were clever, funny and touching. Even his in between song chatter was hilarious. Redneck to the bone, too.

Today I went by WestBow's office and said hello, then to Noshville for lunch. Saw Ree from yesterday's appointment there. Didn't say hi, but saw her. Had another appointment with a songwriter manager. That went really well and he had some great ideas for my book.

Now, I'm going to go to another songwriter thing with Lisa. Having fun, but tired in Nashvegas. Traffic is a mess... er, blessing!

Peace out.

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Lynette Sowell said...

Love the title. :)
Keep on shining!!!
~~ Lynette