Friday, December 02, 2005

I'm so IT

Tracey tagged me, so I'm up, chasing her around the circle and just might tag her back. LOL.

Fifteen things about myself that are book-related? Here goes nuddin'.

1. Where the Wild things are is my favorite children's book. I ditto Tracey here. When we went through family things after my father died, I found my childhood version of this book. I loved it, though I thought it was slightly creepy. I mean, I was eight!

2. I hate to read or listen to books outloud, except on CD, but even then it's hard.

3. In refute of number 2, I read "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" out loud to Tony one year on a drive from Indiana to Florida. We laughed uproariously.

4. Sad note on number 3. When I was about 12 or 13, my Grandma Hayes gave me an autographed copy of Pageant. She knew Barbara Robinson. I cannot find that book to save my life. Some where in the moves, college and life in general, it got lost. I'm sad over my loss.

5. I wrote a poem in fourth grade that was so fabulous, my father started telling me I should be a writer. The poem went the way of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Nevertheless, in fifth grade, I started my first novel. It had a horse. Imagine, a ten year old girl writing a story of a horse. How unique.

6. I love, absolutely love the Little House books and have read them a dozen times. I got my first paper back series in 1973 and have since collected the original eight in hard back, plus The First Four years and other writings of Mrs. Wilder.

7. I love chick lit. And Tracey Bateman's mom lit, Claire. She's hilarious. And real.

8. I love Belva Plain books.

9. I plan to sit on Oprah's couch some day and talk about books and Jesus. I'm taking Colleen Coble and Tracey Batemen along as my homeys.

10. If I could write funny like Calvin & Hobbs, I would.

11. I'm gonna buy the book "TISHA" 'cause Tracey said so.

12. I love the smell of new books. When I go into a book store, my stomach gets all swirly and excited.

13. My first finished novel was a honkin' 400 pager with two plots and two romances. It was well rejected by many astute editors.

14. I used to dream and talk about writing books with my Aunt Carol and Grandma Hayes.

15. I'm so honored and humbled to be writing fiction for Jesus. It's hard some days and I bore myself, but the Lord is so good and faithful. Writer's blocks are few. I'm almost 45 and I wish I'd started writing sooner, but I was doing the corporate career thang. But God willing, I'll write until I'm 85.

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Tracey Bateman said...

woohoo! You're taking me to Oprah with you!! You and Colleen and me. We'll ride the Chicago El and see the Cubs play.

You're going to love TISHA, Thanks for trusting me. :)