Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Girls Christmas Lunch and Ornament Exchange

About ten years ago, the ladies at Harris Publishing Systems started a tradition. I like traditions, don't you?

Every year, we go to lunch or dinner to fellowship and exchange Christmas Ornaments. We always have great fun, and even though some of us don't work there any more, we are still invited. I love seeing familiar faces and hearing the latest in old friend's lives.

We play the "white elephant" game for the ornament exchnage, though the gifts are not gag, but beautiful ornaments. I drew Number One this year. Yay! My first pick was stolen from me, and many times over, but in the end, I got it back - a beatiful snowman ornament. It dangles from my tree as I write.

Click on Photos to see more pictures. Start one of your own traditions. Invites some girlfriends to lunch for an ornament exchange.

And Julie, I put up a picture of the tree. Happy? ;)

Love Jesus, ya'll. He's worth it.


Christine Lynxwiler said...

Hey, Rach! How fun!! And your hair is beautiful!! Our ladies group at church has an ornament exchange, too. I was number one last year. Fun, fun, fun!! I'm looking forward to the one this year next Monday night! ~ Love, Chris

Elizabeth said...

It's neat that you stay in touch with the people you worked with. Guess what I'm planing for tomorrow? The office-wide "5th Annual Holiday Hen Hoedown". Our lunch and ornament exchange! It's and office favorite every year. Let's hope I get #1!!

Rhonda Gibson said...

Hey Rachel! I love snowmen and the ornament sounds great. I've enjoyed checking out your pictures. Nice to see your smiling face. Warmly, Rhonda