Saturday, December 03, 2005

Last night at the Fire Dweller...

... prayer meeting I "blew" Jim Maher's expectations. Picture me, one raised eyebrow. Here's the story. I cut my worship teeth under Jim when he was our senior pastor and worship leader. He's reminiscent of Kent Henry if you need a comparison. Yet, all the while I knew Jim, I was only a singer.

When God called him to Kansas City to the International House of Prayer, I became a worship leader at NCF. That's a God story I'll save for later. Actually a pretty cool one. Frustrated with not being able to play an instrument, or understand how chords progress, or how a song key works, I learned to play the keyboard on a little Yamaha I bought from a guy at work for $50. Little by little, I learned some theory and people like Laura, Cassie and David gave me pointers. Now, I can play and lead worship at the same time. Whoo hoo. Apparently, it's not easy to sing and play at the same time. So, all glory goes to God.

So, last night at Fire Dweller Jim thinks he's getting a keyboard player, maybe a singer, but NOT a antiphonal singer. Gotta admit, that's a little harder cause you gotta keep the chord progression going and make up something to fit into it. Half way through the set, Jim leans over to me and says, "Man, you're playing and singing! I'm impressed. That's great!" LOL. Then, I like, you know, hit a bad note.

Being busy. I heard a little sermonette on the radio today which it unusual cause I don't normally listen to Christian radio. Anyway, the man said modern electronics, as great as they are, can be a hazzard to the Christian life. Why? Because it's a distraction and we become addicted or accustomed email, television, music, movies, etc., that we don't take time to contemplate before the Lord.

Take time to shut off the noise. Close the door. Still your heart and focus on Jesus.

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Camy Tang said...

That's a good point. I'll have to remember that, especially when I need some space to reconnect with God--I'm always being distracted by the phone or email.