Thursday, December 15, 2005

Today, I did Christmas stuff

I'd planned on starting edits today, but woke up realizing I needed to get Christmas shopping finished. I headed out early to avoid the rush.

Around 11:30, I finished at the mall and drove over to the beach to get my nephews some cool surfer dude trinkets. Had a slice at Bizzaro's pizza, sat on the boardwalk in the wind and sun, watching the surfers and Yankees sunbathe.

It was a beautiful day here today.

I finished shopping online, went to Spinning class, addressed Christmas cards, wrote a Christmas letter, stuffed it in the cards, stamped and sealed them, wrapped a present to mail and oh, cleaned my desk!

You know, I still have a problem with cards and paper and notes I want to keep. What do I do with those?

Hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas season!

Peace out.


Ame said...

Ahhh, the beach :) I grew up on the east coast, and I often miss the beach. Lakes just aren't the same - you can see other people on the other side, you can see highway bridges connecting the people on both sides, you can hear noises from people and cars on both sides. But the beach, not at the beach.

The beach is calm, tranquil. You look out to the sea and see the horizon, and perhaps a fishing boat, and sometimes lightening storms, and beautiful skies. And the waves methodically crashing on the shore, over and over again, in their own rythm. And the fresh, salt air blowing through my natural curly hair and frizzing it to no end :) And the sand sinking my toes as the waves wash over them and then back out to sea. And the sea gulls, and the sand pipers, and the sea shells, and the jelly fish. And the pools left behind on a low tide. And the relentless force of a high tide. And the storms that rip furiously through the waters. And the calm that soothes the waves. Ahhh, the beach. I needed a dose of the beach today :)

Rhonda Gibson said...

Hey Rachel, the beach sounds great. Here in NM we are cold!! but when it's cold I feel Christmas in the air. I still have a little more shopping to do, I think follow in your footsteps and try to get it all done... tomorrow :o)

Heather Diane Tipton said...

seems to me you got a lot done today. I did a little shopping today. Found something for my brother and his wife which is really cool since I hadn't a clue what I would get them. I'm almost done with shopping. I atleast know everything else I'm getting.

"problem with cards and paper and notes I want to keep. What do I do with those?"

LOL You and me both!