Friday, December 09, 2005

Writing and Christmas

Wahh! It's difficult to write in December. My birthday, Tony's, Christmas, Shopping, Parites, Weddings. Never mind the regular stuff - Fire Dweller, Youth Church, Big Church...

But, don't cry for me Argentina, I'm cool with it all. But my laundry is having a hard time. Still in the basket, in the laundry room, the clean clothes wait. This morning I finally moved a drying rack from the front hall that was draped with sweat shirts and my jean jacket. Know what's weird. The rack stood in the hall so long, when I went around the corner after I moved it, my body wanted to swerve in order to walk around. All ready, in a week's time, my muscles were trained.

Think about that. Our bodies, our minds, our emotion are subtly trained to respond or react to the obstacles in our lives. And even after they are removed, we still want to swerve. Or jump, or react in some way. It felt good when I realized swerving was not required.

On Writing. I feel bland. Very bland and very boring. I'm about five or so thousand words away from being done with Lost in Nashvegas. Whoo hoo. I am praying hard for a creative finish. It's weird, I don't feel writers block or like I don't want to write, I do. I just feel boring. I need some inspiration! :) I need a keyboard so I can sing. I need to stir my soul. Soul stiring is hard, you know. But, I must.

Off to get a big spoon.


Camy Tang said...

You feel boring? I feel boring practically every day. I wonder what that says about me? :)


Victoria Gaines said...

I always love reading your posts! Merry Christmas!