Monday, November 29, 2004

The Tree is Up

The Christmas tree is up. Bryan Duncan sings from the stereo... "And everyone would have a friend, and right would always win, and love would never end. This is my grown up Christmas list..."

I'm tired, hot and blurry eyed. We had a time with the tree lights this year. Picking the tree was easy. Found one we liked almost right away. Got it in the stand right (oh, now Johnny Mathis is singing, "I'll Have A Blue Christimas") on the first try.

Then the lights... the dreaded lights. I get them on only to find out half of one strand is burnt out. Tony took them off while I went to Walgreens to get new ones. You know, that should be the rule - just spend the ten bucks and buy new lights every year.

I'm moving away from my designer Christmas tree. I still use the burgundy and gold ornaments, but have also started collecting specialty ornaments from Hallmark or wherever. I haven't done any other decorating and the way I feel now, the tree is enough.

I'm tired and going to bed.

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Christine Lynxwiler said...

Whooo HOOO! Rachel has her Christmas tree up. I'm going to have to wait until the weekend to put ours up. Grrr. . .If we don't get it done soon, it'll be Christmas with the Crankys around here. One cranky in particular. The only part of my All Jingled Out novella that was autobiographical was Penny's obsession with putting up the tree on Thanksgiving afternoon. It just didn't happen this year. Great post, Rachel. I love your blog! ~ Chris