Monday, November 15, 2004

Hola, desde Guatemala!

It's a beautiful Monday morning in Guatemala City. The weather is fantastic. Cool and breezy, sunny, like a fall day in Kentucky or Tennessee. But the tree leaves are still green and lucious. Chris says this is the dry season and soon everything will be brown.

We arrived Friday and set up at the missions house. A very, very nice missions house with a pool, sauna, steam room and massage therapist. Welcome to missions life in the twenty-first century.

Saturday we did a children's ministry workshop all day. I stood-in for a team member who didn't come and taugh a fifteen minute workshop on story telling. That was fun. Greg introduced me as a famous writer. WhatEVer.... (Well, not yet anyway....;)

That was a long, very tiring day of mostly sitting around on hard metal chairs. We prayed for the people at the end which was good. Tangible presence of the Lord.

Sunday Gary, Greg and the kids headed up to Santiago and Mike Black's ministry. Tony and I went with Chris to Terazas to speak at Mario's church. We had a four and a half hour church service, so I guess it went well. The Lord opened up the prophetic during worship. It's weird 'cause it's so subtle and my emotions and head didn't seem to connect, but my spirit was awake and in-tune. The Lord was able to by-pass my human systems and use me to bless His Guatemalan beloveds! I found out two of the words given, that seemed rather generic, were in fact very specific.

One man and his wife were told by the Lord to pray over a financial situation for seven days, then He would give them the answer. Sunday was the seventh day, and the Lord gave them their answer. He said he would give the man ideas on how to make money, and how to teach people to make money. He would bless the man financially for the Kingdom of God and for his family. Amazing! Truly God is an awesome God!

Tony did a great job speaking, as always. Very good word on Christ dwelling in us! Col 1:27.

Sunday night I spoke in Peronia. Such a different type of environment than we are used to in the States. Fire crackers going off outside the window, children fussing, people talking, but I kept right on preaching.

Omar interpreted for us Saturday and Sunday morning. We met him over eleven years ago and now he is almost thirty and a successful professional. He'll be in Orlando next week with friends, so we invited him over for Thanksgiving dinner. They thought going to the Parks during an American holiday would be a good time - no people. Hahahahaha. We had to warn him.

So, yesterday Tony and I were with Chris without the rest of the team. That was nice because he's an old friend and we don't get to spend much time with him. So, spending a day, without all the others, renewed our friendship. I'm grateful to the Lord for this time.

Today we head up to Antigua for "tourist" day. We'll meet the team at the Blacks, then head out. We will stay in Santiago until Wednesday morning, then return to the missions house. We'll do VBS in Peronia. Friday is another tourist day. Tony and Greg think we should hang around the missions house and get massages. What a testimony for the kids to share. lol. Seriously, we're probably going to go to the city market to shop.

I'm grateful to be here. I didn't want to come for several reasons, but I know the Lord wanted me to be here - if for yesterday alone. Not for my sake, but for the Kingdom's sake. When I said "Yes" to the Lord and agreed to partner with Him to establish His Kingdom on earth, I did it with my whole heart. Not with conditions. Not with clauses I would go if the time was convenient for me. I said, "Yes!"

So, the timing wasn't ideal on this trip. But the Lord knew my schedule and needs way before I did. I am confident He will see me through, successfully. He's given me all I need to do the task at hand.

Well, better get cleaned up and ready for the day. Continue to pray.

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