Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Heart of Thankgiving

It started this morning. I braved the scale. I did not gain weight! Amazing. A miracle. After all the Guate food. I felt for sure I'd put on ten pounds. But yeah, I'm didn't!

So, I took a long walk this morning, cleaned house, did laundry and edited today. Actually, today was a scene rewrite so that's a little slower and tedious. I'll reread tomorrow to make sure it's a sane scene.

Dog Injuries abound - I let the dogs out the back door this afternoon for their usual romp at 3:00. But Pal did his "I'm in trouble" crawl, so I knelt down outside the door and called him over using my sweet voice. He's such a weird dog. He comes over, I love on him and he goes out. I stand to go in. The screen door swings toward me and catches the back of my heel. Yeeeooww. It hurt like the dickens. It's a nice cut. Fortunately, no stitches this time.

Thankfulness - Thanksgiving is less than two days away. I'm thankful for so many things. The love and grace and peace of the Lord. The blood that covers me. The Cross. The Father. The Lover of my Soul.

I'm thankful for Tony, Dad, Mom, my brothers and sister, and their families. Grateful for Christmas songs and the memories they invoke. Who knew Johnny Mathis would forever tap a distant place in my heart? I'm thankful for sunny days, for after hurricane generators and ice. For the Pinky Promise gang, and for friends like Joan, Cassie, Carrie, Laura, Jer and Ezra, and Renee whose phone calls start and end the same way they did twelve years ago. For Sheree who for sure is living a future chic lit or romance by Rachel Hauck.

I'm thankful that I get to do what I love for a living - no matter how many times my confidences crashes and burns. I hear it's a sign of greatness. (ha!) Yeah, sure there's the odd occassion where someone's blog lands them a Random House contract, or where God downloads a story idea to someone, but for me, it's the flash of inspiration followed by hours of loving persperation. I'm thankful for my own writer's journey.

I'm thankful for Publix and convertible Cabrios. For the chance to always have a ten or five in my wallet to buy a Diet Coke. For the power of God's Word that never fails. For the fragrance of His sacrifice.

More tomorrow....

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