Sunday, November 21, 2004

Dorothy was right, there's no place like home

Home! Wide, paved roads, air, carpet, real Diet Coke, my own bed, ability to flush toilet paper, my dogs & cat, Cassie and I talking until 3:00 a.m., ah, home.

Santiago - Our time in Guatemala went very well. We shopped twice! The hardships of modern missionary life. We spent Monday and Tuesday up in Santiago where the people are direct descendents of the native Indians. They still live much like their ancestors. Tuesday afternoon we had a blast flying kites on a hilltop overlooking several moutainsides and villages. It was cold and windy. The local children ran and played with us. I gave my kite over to the cutest little guy named Victor! He could fly that kite. Of course, I couldn't resist launching into a loud version of "Let's Go Fly a Kite."

We gave up kite flying when the sun set and my Dr. Martens were covered with dust to go back to the missions camp. After Pat Black prepared a wonderful meal, Mike built a bonfire and we sat around, reflecting on our time in Santiago. After everyone shared, we payed for Mike, Pat and their team. That was really good.

Peronia & CasaVerde - Wednesday and Thursday we did VBS at CasaVerde. Long, exhausting days but the kids packed the House. We probably had a hundred kids each day - Wednesday the little ones, Thursday the preteens. The kids are so cute, enduring, living in squalor, torn, dirty clothes, but smiling, always smiling. I met this one little boy named Franco. I can't describe his cute, bright smile as he wondered the streets with his brother and cousin.

Variations on a theme - Greg wasn't feeling well Wednesday afternoon, so I went back to the missions house with him after lunch. With several kid free-missionary free hours ahead of me, I decided to take a steam and get a massage! Yes, right there on the missions field. I shopped on Monday, knew I would shop on Friday, why not a mid week pamper? All for fifteen bucks! Relaxed, I was ready to go back for the evening meeting. Meanwhile, Tony became a human jungle gym for the kids, and after we got back to the room, we had to ban his clothes to the bottom of the dirty clothes bag. I'm sure our missionary forerunners are turning over in their graves. Ha!

Wednesday & Thursday night we ministered to the youth of the Terrazas church, and at their childrens crusade. Again, good nights. The teens love us, hung around to talk to us, gave us gifts. Amazing. The pastor of that church is visiting New Covenant in January.

Friday we shopped more and visited the Presidential palace and the city square. There were pigeons every where which gave me opportunity to launch into another Mary Poppins number, "Feed the Birds."

That night we had a wonderful reflection dinner with Chris Schoff and the team. Here are my thoughts:

I went to be obedient to the Lord. But pieces of my heart do not remain in Guatemala. I'm not connected other than to the missionaries who serve there. I love coming along side of them, helping them in their ministry and reminding them we are for them. They are not forgotten. Of course, it's always good to laugh with the children. They are worth the trip.

We ate, ate and ate some more - Lots of Guatemalan food. Good, good food. I could fast for a week. I'm still full. I did get a great recipe for guacamole.

Photos - I'll load up photos. Check them out.

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