Monday, November 22, 2004

Random thoughts

Did you hear about Breakup Babe getting a book deal with Random House just from her blog? Her blog!

And here I am straining and planning, digging deep, thinking, praying, trying to come up with a new angle for my next story while editing an existing one I want to really shine. Add to that a testimony from a friend who told me she woke up one day and saw this ticker tape thingy pass over head and bam! just like that God downloaded an 8 book YA series.

I'm happy, really happy for these people. I'm starting a new blog though. Confessions of a Boring Boggger. Or, how to blog when your life is plain, every day, ordinary. I have it too good, I think. Really. My marriage is great, my family is great, my health is great, my friendships are great, the Lord is great and good to me! I mean, no angst, and pardon me, but I'll keep it that way.

Aren't their millions of other out there like me who would want to read about it? LOL. Probably not.

Ohio State Beats Michigan - Did I mention that the college football season is over and I MISSED it! I think I've seen three games this year. Whaahhhhh! I was so hoping the Ohio State, Michigan game would be this coming Saturday. But on the drive home from Miami Saturday night Mandy told me Ohio State beat Michigan. Poor Mandy, a Michigan fan, showed character by telling me. Disappointed, I think, "Okay, I'll catch the Florida, Florida State game." But , oh, no. That game was played Saturday too! Between hurricane's, conferences and mission trips, most Saturdays were filled. I'll have to catch the bowl games.

I Peter 1:2 - I have my favor answer. Peter writes, "... may grace and peace be your to the fullest measure." Grace is unmerited favor. I mean, think about it. Jesus dying on the cross for my sins is unmerited favor! Every thing about God the Father points to unmerited favor. God becoming man, God making a way for man to come to Him, God appeasing Himself with Himself. It's awesome. So, I have favor, unmerited favor in the form of Grace. I'll take it to it's fullest measure.

Editing - Did a good bit of editing today. I stopped when I had to rewrite a scene to include Macy's friends. I'll do that tomorrow when my head is clearer. I was reading some interviews by chic lit writers on an am really humbled to be joining them. I'm in great company, especially among the Steeple Hill Cafe authors. Wow! I'm excited. Tracey Bateman quoted me in her chic lit interview. Cool, eh?

Around the house - I got no housework done today. But I will tomorrow. Tis the plan. Cassie is still here which is super-duper fun. She can stay as long as she likes. Oh, it was so fun last night. I played the keyboard and sang, she played her upright bass. It has such rich, deep sounds. I will miss her when she goes to KC in January.

Well, I'm not feeling so great so I'm going to bed. Something I ate, yesterday, in America. Not Guatemala, America!

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