Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A quote. And a story about my dog

During prayer one day, the Lord said to a great woman of God I know. "You deny my power to transform your life by your undue and unrelenting focus on your own weakness.

How true is that? What a great word? We focus on our own weakness, our powerlessness and decide God can't do anything for us.

There is no im in His possible. Believe God. He is willing. He is able.

So my dog, Pal. Many of you know him... um, yeah, the crazy little black & brown dude. While in my writing room this morning, Pal suddenly tries to climb into my lap. He scratched and clawed, trembling, and refused to sit like I told him. He acted scared and I'm not kidding, he kept looking over his shoulder to where he normally naps while I work.

"What is it, Pal?" I asked, shoving him back down to the floor. He wouldn't have it. Wanted in my lap desperately.

I think he saw an angel. He's done this before, but today was really obvious. People have seen angels around here. Maybe Pal saw one today. My little "seeing" dog.

I finally passed the 60K word mark. And, this after spending the month of November researching and rewriting, editing. Oh, please pray this story is good. I really appreciate it.

Oh! Matt and Jodi are here! They moved into their apartment today and came to the pot luck. They are going to work with us at Youth Church. They'll be here until next September, unless God says otherwise. Please, Lord, please!

Peace out, ya'll.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A writer's life

Jer, Laura, Ezra, baby Avi
I love the writer's life, though it is solitary and isolated. So much of the work resides in my head, and my soul, and until it's on paper, I'm alone. But it's the process of getting it from my mind, down through my fingers, onto the page that is fun. Okay, it's also frustrating, but when it all comes together.... sue-weet.

A funny thing happened to me last night at the gym. I'm in the sports cardio class, running around the workout room when I get this great line for a scene I'd written earlier. "Need paper. Need pencil." I just run out the door and up to the front desk. Sweating. Panting. "Need paper. Need pencil."

Never know when a good idea is gonna strike. Came home and added my thoughts to the scene.

We put up our new Christmas tree. A faux fur. I just couldn't deal with stringing lights this year, so we caved and went with store bought. Apparently, we chose the popular tree 'cause Home Depot sold out and I talked them into selling me the display. There were two more people wanting the same tree. Glad we got there when we did. I love the Christmas season. It's so beautiful.

Well, better get to work. Sorry I don't have more to say. Well, I do, but I'm not sure I want to bleed all over my blog. Ha!

This I know - God is good, great in kindess and mercy. He will see to what concerns me.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Boasting and being thankful

Here's a great verse and thought... 1 Corinthians 1:31 "so that, just as it is written, "LET HIM WHO BOASTS, BOAST IN THE LORD."

So come on, let's boast in the Lord. I'm on my way to turkey dinner, but will post more later.

Peace out.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lambert's Code Response

Hey ya'll, I've had some response on Lambert's Code. I'm happy to report. All good. A friend just called and said she finished it this morning and loved it. She cried at the end. And she thought the lesson of Lambert's Code was so good.

I was worried about this story. Not sure I'd done a good job, but it turns out a few people liked it.

Well, I realllly neeeed to vaccum my house. So, talk at ya later. Peace out.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Where did November go

Hey, somebody stole November. Where has this month gone? Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. I love this holiday. I miss Dad.

We are staying in town. Tony's back is healing and I'll be working. But, I'm having so much fun with Lost.

I went to the library to write today. It's a good place for change of pace and not so easy access to the internet.

I went to a karaoke bar Friday night after Fire Dweller. My character is going to karaoke to try to get over singing in front of people. I went to watch and learn. It was interesting. :)

I'm tired. Going to bed.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Song of Solomon 1:13

"My beloved is to me a pouch of myrrh which lies all night between my breasts."

Myrrh is a costly embalming fluid that often speaks of death and suffering. The Bride (you and me) announces that she gets the depth and meaning of her Beloved's suffering at the Cross.

A pouch of myrrh between her breast indicates that she is meditating on extravagant expense the Father paid for us - the abundant suffering and death of His Son. The price of love for us was the death of His beautiful son. She is meditating on this in a quiet place, on her bed. "What kind of love is this?"

The myrrh lying all night next to her heart permeates her spirit. The revelation of Jesus captivates and fascinates her. "At night" speaks of her encountering her Beloved in the midst of her own weakness.

In our darkest times, our weakest times, we often run from Jesus. We don't meditate on Him, or grasp His suffering-cross-love, we run and hide. Instead, we need to meditate in these night seasons on how great He demonstrated His love for us. The cross qualifies us. It doesn't disqualify us.

Nevertheless, in the midst of this great revelation, the Bride is a tad self focused. She's saying, "My Beloved is to me..." It's about her and her enjoyment of Him, and how He can bless her.

Unfortunately, many believers never leave this realm. We stay in a "bless me" place and when things don't go our way, we become angry and wonder if He loves us, or where He is in our life.

As we go through the rest of the Song, we find her inheritance declarations begin to include His inheritance in her. She realizes His inheritance in her is first, and she is filled with the reality of her love for Him, and His ownership of her. Yet, it's servant, lover ownership. He paid EVERYTHING for her. He is not asking her to give up or do anything He has not already done.

Notes on awakening your heart with this Song: Write down the verses that stand out to you. Meditate on them, say them, pray them, sing them. Make them apart of your daily dialogue with God.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Song of Solomon 1:12

While the king was at his table, My perfume gave forth its fragrance...

We have watched the Bride grow in the revelation of her Lover's love and affection for her. Jesus is in love with her. With you and me. Remember, the Bride is us. Both corporately and individually.

But, she's still a selfish lover. Jesus is a means, not at end. She sees Him as the source of her happiness, not the embodiment of her happiness. He will help me get where I want to be. She is still immature and trapped in weakness. She understands that Jesus is her inheritance, but must learn the deeper revelation that we are His inheritance. Isn't that amazing.

While the king is at His table...

Jesus the King expresses the affection of the Father's heart. He's answered the brides question in verse 7, "where will you feed me?" He's saying, I'll feed you. I'll provide for you. You don't have to worry. He's revealing the authority of His Kingship. She, we, can trust His affection for us because He's king.

We must see that our lover-redeemer is a glorious King, sitting at a banqueting table, waiting for you and me. Pouring out His love and affection on us. He's saying, Come into this intimate communion with me. His table

Speaks of a place of revelation. Speaks of the marriage supper of the Lamb at the end of the age. It speaks of the Cross. The table of salvation that we all come to when we first know Him. He's prepared a way for us, to the affectionate heart of the Father, a feast, by going to the Cross and conquering sin and death.

...My perfume gave forth it's fragrance.

Some translations say spikenard gave forth it's fragrance. Spikenard or perfume speaks of her spontaneous worship. She's sitting at the King's table, feeding on the truth of the Cross (salvation, deliverance, provision, affection, healing, unconditional love...) Her heart is overjoyed and she releases her worship to the Father. It is a fragrance before Him.

The Lord loves the fragrance of our heart, of our worship. When we focus on His provision, our spirits emanate with a sweet fragrance. We are to God the fragrance of Jesus.

But many of us are overcome with condemnation and accusation. We are not confident in God's love. We release a fragrance of fear instead of worship. Is He going to reject me? When we are not secure in our place before Him, we cannot open our hearts in true worship. We cannot present ourselves for fear of rejection or judgment.

So, hear what the Lord is saying. He's sitting at His banqueting table. It's already laid out for you. He's saying Come! I see your weakness and immaturity, but I love you. Come, be secure in my love. See what I've done for you.

Then, we worship Him freely, our spirits a beautiful, costly perfume before Him.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Song of Solomon 1:9 - 11

You remind me of Pharaoh's well-groomed and satiny mares.
Pendant earrings line the elegance of your cheeks;
Strands of jewels illumine the curve of your throat.
I'm making jewelry for you, gold and silver jewelry.

I love horses. When they run, they are beautiful and powerful. Jesus uses the beauty and power of horses to give us a picture of His love for us. He sees our willing and sincere heart. When I watch horses race, I almost always get teary-eyed. I feel their willingness, sincerity and eagerness to run. They want to please the rider.

When Solomon wrote this verse, Pharaoh's horses were the best in the world. To be a mare in his stable, she had to be of the purist breed, strong, capable and beautiful. Jesus likens us to the best of the best. He calls us "my love." Some translations say, "My beautiful one." He wants us to see ourselves as chosen, selected, and beautiful. Anyone, anyone who leans on Him is beautiful and loved. Remember John 7:37 says "if anyone comes to me... out of him will flow rivers of living water." We have to see ourselves as beautiful and loved. He says so Himself.

... Your cheeks are lovely with ornaments.

How often have your cheeks flushed with emotion or born the trail of tears? Cheeks reflect or hold our emotions. Cheeks speak symbolically of our emotion throughout this Song. In this verse, Jesus sees that our emotions are toward Him. As we allow His love to transform us, it reflects in our emotions! Bye, bye PMS. Bye, bye fear and anxiety. Bye, bye depression. Jesus' love transforms my emotions and stirs my heart more and more toward Him. And, He in turn, responds as Lover responds to lover. Ornaments are skillfully crafted. God skillfully works to beautiful us and our emotions. Though we struggle with lust or anger or jealousy, He sees the YES! in our heart to grow in Him, to be changed. Just say YES!

...Your neck with chains of gold.

The neck speaks of our will. Don't be stubborn or rebellious, but be of godly submission. Chains of gold speak of royalty and authority. Back in the day, only royalty wore gold chains. Gold indicated divine character being formed in us as we seek him, cry out to Him even though we stumble.

... We will make you ornaments of godly with studs of silver.

This is God's divine promise to complete the good work He began in you. As we partner with Him, He will transform us, make us Christ-like in our character. We will be extravagant worshippers of Jesus. Gold is purified with fire. So are we. But He promises us a complete and beautiful work. Silver speaks of His redemption. He will use us to redeem and deliver other people. You are not a failure if you stumble. God is for you, working to transform you. You are only a failure if you harden your heart or quit.

Hang in there as He refines you. Keep saying YES! in your heart.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Going home

Well, the whirlwind week in Nashvegas is coming to an end. I'm meeting with my lovely and gracious editor, Ami, this morning, then heading home.

Yesterday I met with songwriter Karen Staley with my friend, Lisa Young. Had a blast. We just hit it off. She was great. She's had songs cut by Faith Hill and Trick Pony and others. By the time we left Karen's, it was late afternoon. We fought the traffic across town to pick up Lisa's car that was in the shop. While waiting for her, I checked my voicemail and had a message from Chris Oglesby who owns a songwriter management company. He'd graciously hooked me up with songwriter Barry Dean of God's Will and Moving Oleida.

I met Barry at the NSAI building, enticed a very tired Lisa to tag along, and sat through his workshop. Then we three went for coffee. Very nice, creative, kind man.

And, very exciting, I got to say Hi to my friend and traveling Man of God, Shawn Bolz, on the phone. He's in Melbourne at a conference and was with Tony when I called. I always look forward to seeing Shawn, and I'm missing him this year! If you ever get to hear Shawn speak, do it! He is so practical about the things of God, but also very challenging. Stirs the heart to go deeper. He's had amazing experiences in the Lord and had incredible revelation. Yet, he's every day, real and relatable. :)

Well, I'm off to seize the day. Peace out.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lost In Nashvegas

My new title! I love it. I do. It's so Robin, my character. Lost in Nashvega. Nashvegas is a nickname for this great town, but Robin will find her way.

I'm having a great time, but am exhausted. Yesterday I spoke with Ree Buchanan of Wrensong Publishing. One of her writers has 2004's song of the year, Brad Paisley's Whisky Lullaby. She was very kind and gracious.

After that I went where... oh, to Centennial Park and walked around there, then downtown to the Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium.

I entered into legend, ya'll. I sang on the stage steps of the Ryman where hundreds have gone before. I sang "This Little Light Of Mine." :)

I loved the Hall but information overload. There is so much great history to country music. The Ryman was great - incredible history. Built by Colonel Ryman after attending a revival tent meeting by an Evangelist, Snow. "Something in the sermon touch the Colonel..." hum, wonder what that was? (wink, wink) He took his gambling and drinking earnings and build Snow a building so he wouldn't have to preach in a tent anymore.

I see the Ryman preaching the Word of God again someday.

Went to the Bluebird with Lisa Young. Very fun night. All the singer/songwriters were great. Loved Wynn Varble. His songs were clever, funny and touching. Even his in between song chatter was hilarious. Redneck to the bone, too.

Today I went by WestBow's office and said hello, then to Noshville for lunch. Saw Ree from yesterday's appointment there. Didn't say hi, but saw her. Had another appointment with a songwriter manager. That went really well and he had some great ideas for my book.

Now, I'm going to go to another songwriter thing with Lisa. Having fun, but tired in Nashvegas. Traffic is a mess... er, blessing!

Peace out.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Pancake Pantry

I'm into pancakes lately. Bad habit, I know. But Rebeca Seitz picked me up this morning and we went for a hearty breakfast, then for a drive around the city.

It's a beautiful day in Nashville. Beautiful blue skies hovering over the perfect temperature. The leaves are still changing. Many reds and golds still left to see.

My drive up was nice, though long. I probably stopped seven times and still made it in 13 hours. My days of driving from Columbus to Tallahassee in 12 hours (55 was the speed limit) are so over! I can't sit that long. My legs and hips start to cramp up. But the drive was very nice. Again beautiful weather. I wanted to put the top down, but then realized all the highway dirt will settle right on my beige interior.

I listened to Ray Blackston's Dilerious Summer on CD. Well, almost all of it. Probably half. I'm enjoying it. He's a lovely writer. I'm learning a few dos and don'ts.

Right now, I'm off to see more of the city and then meet Christian singer/songwriter Vicky Beeching down in Cool Springs. Check out her web site at

Today's wisdom. This is awesome. Psalm 19:8. The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the LORD are radiant, giving light to the eyes.

Need a little joy in your heart? Need some radiance in your eyes? Dwell for some time today in the precepts of the Lord! God's Word is so cool.

Peace out.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Off to Nashville

Off to Nashville at 4:00 a.m. I'm driving so all prayers are appreciated. I have a good week planned with plenty of room for just touring around the city."

I got some CDs for my drive. Now, if only I could nap while I drive.

I'll catch up on blogging later. Still need to do Song of Solomon 1:9 and 10. (They go together.)

I had a good week in Orlando writing. I wrote 19,800 words. Not as much as I wanted, but a good effort and pushed through the tough middle. I am really loving this story. Robin Rae Buckner is spunky, yet vulnerable as she works through her fear that keeps her from achieving her dream. Find out more in a chick lit coming soon to a bookstore near you. October 2006.

Well, it's later and I'm off to pack and to read for awhile.

Blessings. Rachel

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm writing, I'm writing, I'm writing

Nothing else to say, guys. I'm writing.

I did do a heartfelt blog on Faithchicks. Check that out:

The Vistana's is lovely and beautiful. A resort, no doubt.

Oh, I have my own CD. LOL. Tony recorded my Fire Dweller set on Friday night with my awesome band, David and Alyssa. For a live, unmixed set, without any practice time, it's really good. I was so surprised. It's a great CD to put on and get warmed up for a prayer time. I told Tony we should start making all the Fire Dweller CDs available. Javi, Jake, Matt, Jer and Laura.

Well, off to work. I have to come down to the lobby to use the internet, so it's back to my room. Peace out.

Hey to my Pinkies!!