Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday Afternoon

It's thundering and raining. Mom and Grandma just arrived and are napping. I wanted to nap, too, but got to doing email and blogging.

I first blogged about Katrina, but decided to delete it. My heart is so grieved over the devastation, but more over the news reporting, the politicking, the accusing and the lawlessness. New Orleans is supposed to be a "great city." But just like with people, the character of a city is revealed in times of crisis. We can now see the character of that city.

We as a nation need to repent and beg God for mercy. Pray for the city and people of New Orleans and of all the Gulf Coast states effected by this storm. Having been through four hurricanes in the past ten years, I know a little of what they are going through.

Tonight Mom, Grandma and I are going out to eat. Tony will go to Fire Dweller. We will have a relaxing weekend, I'm sure. Then Monday, back to the grind of writing! Starting a new book. Tony will read Hurricane Allie for me tomorrow and offer suggestions. Then, that story will be done.

Can you believe a week from Sunday I leave for Nashville and the fourth annual American Christian Fiction Writer's Conference. Wow! I'm so excited. Mostly to see everyone, and of course, to take Brandilyn's continuing session and other workshops. I'm actually going to attend classes this year!

I took a bike ride this morning and when I came home, two big dogs were laying inside my garage; a boxer and a German shepherd. "Well, hello," I said. I hoped they were friendly.

Jack and Pal were in the yard by the side of the garage going berserk! I gave the visitors water and some food, and called Animal Control. Since they had tags, I called the owner and told him the "boys" had escaped.

He didn't live far from me, so I walked them home. So, that was a funny little adventure.

Well, tis all for now. Peace out!

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Lynette Sowell said...

I know, I'm counting down too! :) Can't wait to read about Allie. ~~Lynette