Saturday, September 03, 2005


College football premier day! Yay! We watched Ohio State until they switched over to Oklahoma and TCU. We were winning so they took us off. To which I say, "Rotten, son of a, sassin' frassin' ..."

Get this. I'm watching the game and think, "Oh, I'll go put on my authentic, fake OSU football jersey." Joel got one for me for Christmas last year. . . thanks, bro.

I come running back out, my big number 47 on and look at the play on the tv and a defensive lineman for Ohio State is rushing the Miami (Ohio) quaterback. Saks the guy. And guess what, he's number 47 and his name is Hawk!

We laughed and cheered. Hawk was Tony's nickname all through high school and college. So many people pronounce Hauck as Hawk.

Isn't that like, so, cool! God knows I like little signs to tell me the Buckeyes are going to win.

Ah, the sweet season of football. :)


Tracy Ruckman said...

I love meeting other women football fans who are as nuts about the sport as I am! I cheer for the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Roll Tide!!!

Tarek said...

Did you mean football, or american football !?