Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sleepy Saturday

Krista Stroever, Steeple Hill Editor, and me. What is with my eyes? I look like Cat Woman! Krista looks great!

I slept until noon-twenty, went to the store with Tony, ate lunch, watched a Bob Hope movie, "My Favorite Brunette." I paid attention to scene beginnings and endings since it was a detective, stream-of-consciousness type of movie. There were a few lines Tony said I should try to use.

After that, I picked up a book to read and immediately fell asleep for two more hours. Guess I'm catching up from last week in Nashville in which I slept very little.

Talked to Mom, caught up with her and life in Tallahassee. She's doing well, adjusting to life without her husband, but pressing on. I missed Dad these past few days. Like, hey, I'm ready to see you now. It's been almost five months since that weekend we were together in Tennessee for Asa's dedication.

I realize there's that part of me that only Dad shared. And, now I want to connect with him, but I can't. Tony says to just talk to him, but it's not the same. I just want to hear his voice.

My friend Kristin Billerbeck said, "You're a natural, Rachel," so for the moment, the Lord used her to be the voice of my Dad. That's something he would've said. (Wow, is this sounding like all-about-me or what?)
In fact, I found a letter he wrote me about 20 years ago and he was going on and on about how I should write. He declared my destiny over me. Honestly, he probably only read one or two things I'd ever written. He just knew. He was my Dad.

I read over some of the stuff I wrote yesterday and cracked myself up. The sister, Eliza, of the heroine, Faith, is going to study English Lit at Cambridge for the summer. Cambridge as in England. So, she tells the family during Sunday dinner. They are all excited and proud. One of the Grandma's pipes up, "We'll drive up to see you."

They family stops talking.

"Grandma, I'll be in England," Eliza says.

I don't know why, but that just cracks me up!

Anyway, really, it's funny, trust me. You'll laugh. The whole scene is funny, especially when Faith tries to tell her news. So, hang on to read it this time next year. IF, I don't edit it out.

Oh, when I was having lunch with the WestBow Press team, we were laughing and talking about movie out-takes and I said I thought it would be really funny to have edited out scenes from our books in the back, like they do on DVDs. Everyone thought that was a great idea. Of course, no one said, "Let's do it."

See how impressive I am? Ha!

Krista, my editor at Steeple Hill, emailed that she was sending me a copy of the cover for "Georgia On Her Mind" so I hope I see that soon. I'm excited about that.
I leave you with this thought: Squandered time is squandered destiny. Ask the Lord to help you redeem the time.

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

Sounds like a good day.

I can't wait to read it! (Bring lots of copies to Dallas next year... and I'll make sure they sell out like I did a couple people this year. LOL)

"Squandered time is squandered destiny."