Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Conference 2005 - Part II

I took Brandilyn Collin's "Kicking It Up A Knotch" workshop. She did a great job and I learned a new thing about backstory. "Don't do it!"

Bonded with Sydney Zech, our fab conference coordinator. She surprised me with a massage on Sunday evening. Allison Wilson was everything I promised Sydney she'd be! Thank you, Allison.

I met Heather Diane Tipton in person! Hey, Heather! You are awesome.

I laughed with Tracey, Chris and Susie until I couldn't breathe! "A-heem, a-heem."

Chris, thanks for the heart to heart. You are a great friend.

Karen Ball was poignent and funny. The devotionals were wonderful. It was great to see old friends, ACFWers from conferences past. Love you all!

Rebeca Seitz is fun to hang around with. And a true Gilmore Girl.

Sleep is impossible to catch at a conference.

The Bluebird Cafe is wholly Nashville, and grand.

Lisa Young is beautiful and makes me laugh. Thanks for Saturday night at the Bluebird. I'll never forget the back of James Dean Hicks head.

Thanks to Kaye Dacus for the tour of Nashville and Sunday night at the Bluebird. Thanks for buying, Susie.

Tracey Bateman has become a true leader. Great job, Tracey!

Susan Downs, we missed you. Anne Goldsmith, it wasn't the same without you! Next year in Dallas?

God is good! Even in my weakness. . .


Christine Lynxwiler said...

Rach, I'm the one who's blessed to have you for a friend. Have you tried to apply the things we learned in Brandilyn's class yet? ACK! I HAVE. Today. And it was very painful. :) I'm keeping on keeping on though. Big hug!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Awwww I got a mention among all the other really cool people. I'm touched! It was really cool to meet in person (all though technically we met last year, you just didn't have a clue who I was.) after getting to know you through your blog.

Joel Hayes said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had a ton of fun!! Hmmm maybe I could be a gilmore girl too? .... on second thought...Tony, pass me a beer and turn on da game will ya!

A. M. Wilson said...

Doing some research to figure out what I want my own sites to look like and stumbled on this. :-) I almost never have time to read blogs, let along write in my own. SO, imagine my surprise when my name comes up. :-)

You know I don't need the thanks. I'll do it again, and again, and again.... ;-)