Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Discern the Times

Some days I fear I am watching the decline of a great nation. Did the Romans recognize the crumbling foundation of their great country? Did they know the world they conquered would soon conquer them?

Jesus tells us in Luke 12: 56 to discern the times. I'd be remiss if I did not peer into the crucial hour in which we live. Not because a hurricane devastated a city. That has happened before and will happen again, but because the hearts of men are bitter and angry.

We are pointing the finger and blaming each other. It's unbelievable. I honestly can say I'm shocked, but even more so, saddened. Deeply saddened.

"Oh Lord, give us an Esther. A David. A Daniel!"

It is raining. Tropical Storm 16 is dropping a cloud load of rain on us. Praise the Lord it didn't build into a hurricane. Our nation is struggling so much as it is.

Tonight, I am so going to Spinning class. I rode my bike last week a few times but did not make it to the gym. I'm so over due! My body is screaming, "Exercise!" I've been watching the tennis U.S. Open and Football, and that doesn't help my sedentariness. ;)

Note to self: Don't forget the bike seat.


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