Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Angels all around

Wild experience today at the Oral Surgeon's office. I had to go in and get this "thing" cut out of my lip. Looked like a blister, but it wasn't.

Dr. Oral Surgeon said he can laser it off in a few seconds, which is true, he did. But before that, he numbed my lip and so the numbing could commence. "Be back in ten minutes," he said.

I wait in the chair, reclined. I'm not nervous, but a little apprehensive like, "Let's do this. I have a lunch date." Plus, it was freezing in there! I said a short prayer, "Lord, just let it go well."

A few seconds later I sense angels in the room. I see them in my spirit eye. Since I'm not seasoned in angel sensing, I don't take it to heart until the largest of the three angles, reaches out and touches my head. I start to cry! Ok, now this is something.

I don't want to boo hoo cause the Dr. and/or his assistant will think I'm hurt or scared, so I sniff it up, but felt like crying off and on before during and after the procedure.

When the Dr. started working, one of the smaller angels moved around the assistant so he could watch, so I could "see" him. I knew that he and the other smaller angel were like host angels and they would be with me until I left. The larger angel had already gone.

Next, I checked out and while doing my co-pay, I teared up. Angels. I wanted to say, "You have angels here."

I got in my car, they were gone. Or at least to my awareness.

God is so awesome! He sent angles to watch my surgery! He loves me!


Heather Diane Tipton said...

awwwww wow!

(Don't you just love how wordy I am. *g*)

Tracy Ruckman said...

We serve an AWESOME God!