Monday, August 01, 2005

Ok, it's Monday...

I'm sitting in my Florida room, staring out the window at my neighbor who is on the phone, lounging by her pool. I'm green. Light green, but nonetheless green.

We had a nice weekend. Went over to the beach for a 16 year old's surprise birthday party! It was very nice. Got a ticket... and not to a Broadway show if you know what I mean. I really thought I was going the speed limit!

Nope. Nineteen miles over. And get this, kind Mr. Police Officer "cuts me a break" and gives me a lower fine. It cost me a $100 instead of $200. Where is the logic in that? Look, give me the ticket for my crime or DON'T give me a ticket at all. What is the point here? I honestly didn't know I was going 49 in a 30. I wasn't even in 5th gear, so it's not like I was intentionally breaking the law. But I did. So, give me my due. Grr.

Note to self: Watch for speed limit signs.

Later that night I thought my computer died. What an ordeal. Then we figured out the power plug wasn't all the way plugged in. What a goof. But I can't see the power plug cause it's on the back of the computer desk. Even if I crawl under, I still can't see it. I have to feel around for the socket holes.

But, Praise God, my computer didn't die. I think the battery is going, but I still have my hard drive.

Note to self: Back up every day!

Note to self: Don't drink 48 oz of water before going to bed.

Ok.. Hurricane Allie is coming along. I'm really trying to make it a fun, romantic story, but not cliché. But I only have 20K words to work with here. Gee whiz.

This week is In The Fire week. Cassie is coming in from Kansas City today and will be here all week. Yay! I have a meeting tonight for the October girls conference and then pretty much a meeting every night this week. Shew! I'm teaching at the conference Friday night so I'll be working on that this week. I'm doing a practical element: focus life. Thank you Mike Bickle for inspiring me.

Better get wid it. Peace.


glimpsing gal said...

Okay, I have to ask. What's a Florida room?


glimpsing gal said...

Okay, I have to ask. What's a Florida room?