Sunday, August 07, 2005


Today was a relaxed day. I slept in and read some, road my bike, prayed, talked to my friend Renee, started laundry, wrote 2k words on a story that is not even a Work In Progress (WIP) but wanted to get my ideas on paper. The story was birthed during my prayer time and I felt I needed to capture the character's voice and story.

Tony and I took Cassie and Eric to Carrabbas for dinner and now I'm stuffed! But we had a great time. Cassie goes back to Kansas City tomorrow and Eric leaves at the end of the month.

I'm going to miss them both terribly - my son and daughter - but they must live the lives God has destined them to live.

The Fire Dweller band was gathered for the In The Fire conference this weekend. So good. So very good. Our sound man was a professional, like he has Latin Grammies. He worked for us for a nominal, nominal fee and because of his relationship with Javier. Anyway, he loved the band. He said he'd never seen a band play together like the Fire Dweller band, and never, ever seen two electric guitars work together. Just goes to show you what humility and relationship can do.

God's ways really are so incredible. I've even taken that stand with writing. Cassie and I were talking about the fasted life, the contemplative life and I remembered a dream I had about being in a locker room all alone. It was a very nice locker room, like in a country club. But there was another locker room full of people, lots going on, seemed like the place to be, but it was more like the locker room at the Y or public gym.

There's more detail that I won't go into, but I always felt the private locker room represented my private place of preparation in God. It's rich and beautiful, but I was tempted to be in the public locker room, among the others. Yet, it was noisy, crowded and low class.

I have to purpose to remain in the secret, quiet place in God. The riches in Him are worth it. In His time, He'll call me out to the place beyond the locker room.

The conference was awesome. Great speakers, including mio, and great, great worship. It wasn't as big as last year because we didn't bring in any speakers from Kansas City's House of Prayer, but we know God did what He wanted to do. I think it was a success.

Now, I'm tired and ready to get to work this week on finishing Hurricane Allie.

Grace and Peace.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

I love Carrabbas!!!

Your conference sounds awesome! anywhere there is great, great worship I want to be there! I crave great worship.

Tracey Bateman said...

Hey Rachel,
Great post. Thanks for sharing.

just sayin' said...

If you think that this post is not real writing, if you think this is not what God has intended for you to do, let me just tell you that I received a lot of help from the few short minutes that I spent reading your blog. Thank you.