Saturday, August 20, 2005

In the vast scheme of things....

. . . I don't know if it matters that I wasted $15 tonight on a movie, popcorn, candy and a large Diet. Yet I did.

I saw "Must Love Dogs" with Chelle while Tony and some of the kids went to see "The Great Raid." It was a cute movie, not $7.50 cute, and John Cusack's performance was the only redeming quality. I think the book is probably much better than the movie. I've decided, books are always better than the movie.

Today was cleaning day and shave Jack day. Man, he is one furry dog. Tony cut all the fur from his tail (he's a sheltie) and now he wags a stump. It's humiliating.

Tomorrow is church followed by youth band practice and then maybe Stuart and Esther coming over in the evening. They are in town for a few days - Stu was speaking at Freedom this weekend.

Peace out.

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Sahron Hayes said...

Rachel I just want to let you know I look forward t0 reading your blog. It is a wonderful to keep up wtih you if not daily at least weekly. Thanks
Love Mom