Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Vacation, Day II

It's the end of day two. We flew in yesterday and spent the evening relaxing, dining with Tony's sister Sally and her husband Jose and son Che.

The cat's run from us, but the dog, Molly wags her tail and whines. She loves us. The weather is beautiful. Sunny and cold. The snow is melting, but hopefully it'll snow again before we leave.

I feel rested. I've been writing off and on all day. Wrote two synopsis. One romance, one chic lit, just hammering out ideas. Both ideas came so consise and clearly, I couldn't resist writing them down. But they need polishing, of course.

I finished a chapter of Lambert's Peace and am starting the next. I'd like to write on it more before going to bed. Thursday I'm driving to Wabash to visit my writing friends Collen Coble and Diann Hunt.

A word about Johnny Carson. I was sad to hear he died. Though I'm only 44, he was apart of my growing up. In the summer, it was a big deal to stay up late and watch Johnny Carson. I'd check to see if my favorite stars would be on. And yes, I'm not crazy. The show used to be an hour and a half. I thought so. When did it change? Johnny, a loved icon of American entertainment. I hope he knew Jesus. Better Him than all the stars in the sky, or Hollywood.

Well, I'm thirsty. Hi to Alison and all who've stopped by recently. Sign my guestbook.

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